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X.Commerce Innovate 2011 Recap and Looking Forward

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From Our CEO

I wasn’t at the 2010 Innovate but from what I’ve been told this year’s event was incredibly different. Those of us who have had the privelage to have been a part of the Magento ecosystem for the last few years know why the 2011 Innovate was different.

Let’s be honest here. Innovate 2011 was essentially a Magento event. So much so that in the opening keynote, the co-founder and CEO of Magento, Roy Rubin, got more of an applause as he was introduced than any other keynote speaker that morning. Pretty cool thing to be witness to.

The conference itself was very energetic, something that is also very magento-esque. It was great to meet even more people from the community and equally as great to see some familiar faces from past Magento events.

My usual motivations for attending these events have something to do with seeing new and innovative products & services, with a sprinkle of networking and showing support. I get to cram a heck of a lot of market research into a few action packed days of talking to other people in our industry and even more importantly listening to them.

This conference, we also decided to have SocialGift be a sponsor of the event, setting up a small booth in the partner pavilion and as a result meeting hundreds of developers and merchants. We walked away with several new customers, potential partnerships and a heck of a lot of very positive feedback.

On the first day of the event the general tone was very much expected. Almost everyone there was trying to figure out what the heck X.Commerce really was. And not only what it was, but how we are all going to be affected by it and ultimately utilize it. I was quite delighted to see the rather large vision for this new ecosystem. I still don’t know quite what it is, or how we’re going to use it, but I do know that I really like that it’s all about helping merchants be successful. It’s about accelerating innovation in all aspects of commerce both offline and online. That is something I can get behind.

I know I’ll be spending this weekend at the office in front of whiteboards, conference-brain-dumping and seeing what comes of it.

Looking forward, I see nothing but great opportunity.

It also appears that eBay now bleeds orange. Not a bad thing at all.

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