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It is difficult for our team not to poke around the world wide web for current information about our platform partner Magento. When you focus entirely on Magento, curiosity arises in the office, and one of our lead developers Michael came across the State of Magento Developer Certification 2012 post by Inchoo.

What Mike presented to the team was a very cool pie chart of the number of Magento Certified Developers Worldwide.

Number of Certified Magento Developers Worldwide


In Canada, the chart above says there is a total of 6 Magento Certified Developers. However, there are actually TEN (10)! Although Inchoo’s blog post was from August 22nd 2012, some back-end updates haven’t been made on Magento’s site, so at the moment the directory only shows six.

Want proof?

Check out Demac Media’s Magento profile to see our official badge for the number of Magento Developers we have and check out this blog post about Sweet Tooth on their Certified Developers. Their other 2 developers got certified at the Magento Imagine conference this past April! Congratulations Sweet Tooth!


Demac Media: 6 Certified Magento Developers

Sweet Tooth: 4 Certified Magento Developers

Let’s keep pushing for more growth in Canadian eCommerce!

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