Everything Wine
For Wine Fans Everywhere

Everything Wine is the largest wine retailer in the province of British Columbia and serves customers from an online store and well-attended retail outlets. Here's how we grew the business by serving customers better.

  • 50%+ online revenue growth YoY
  • 35%+ transaction volume YoY
We chose Demac because of their experience delivering breakout eCommerce results, and they did not disappoint. Our collaboration has exceeded expectations in both deliverables and bottom-line growth.
Trent Anderson, President


Like every forward-looking retailer, Everything Wine offers customers multiple ways to shop and engage with the brand. How then do you offer customers maximum flexibility in their shopping preferences while maintaining service levels and profitability?



Everything Wine and Demac built omnichannel capabilties in the eCommerce platform without the need for an OMS.
Service levels and profitability is enhanced with product selection based on the customer's location.
Customers can manage their reviews, event invitations and bookmarked wines on the EW website.




Everything Wine was able to pull off a truly astounding pairing - doing well for customers, and doing well for the business. In fact, online revenues have grown 50% YoY just in the last year!

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