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A New Sales Channel

Alfred Dunner has been selling through department stores for the last 70 years, they knew that they would need to move online to maintain their competitive advantage.

Alfred Dunner also manages three different brands/divisions, this can be intimidating when you are looking to move to an online channel because there are many variables such as product description and price that need to be updated frequently.

In 2016, they decided to take a leap of faith and expand their reach using an online store.


I had a great experience with Demac Media. It’s an important and crucial time for us as a brand new, online business.”

Juliana Mathewson

Director of eCommerce — Alfred Dunner


Three Brands, One Platform

With the challenges of having a small team, three brands and no online presence, Alfred Dunner wanted a platform that would allow them to extend their small team further across three different brands/divisions to build a consistent online presence. They selected Workarea to take on this challenge because Workarea surpassed their platform expectations by being easy to use, saving time and allowing them to properly manage their products through rigorous filtering.

Alfred Dunner worked closely with Demac Media to make their dreams come true. Not only did Demac Media work as an extension of their team, they also set Alfred Dunner up for success by helping them plan their commerce roadmap, build a dynamic online store and grow their brand.

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Uncovering New Opportunities

After launching, Alfred Dunner increased order size, returning customers and conversion rates which resulted in doubling their sales. By providing their customers more sizes and options through an online channel they were also able to expand into different segments such as plus size.

By having a platform, Workarea, that puts UX and content first, Alfred Dunner was able to grow sales faster by surpassing the needs and requirements of their customers.

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