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My wife (and business partner) and I went to Niagara on the Lake this past weekend to enjoy the yearly Wine Festival related tastings and activities.  We enjoyed our trip so much Saturday that we loaded up our mountain bikes with a friend of ours and decided to tour the area on bike Sunday.  It is these kinds of "breaks" from the business that really help me reflect and take a no-bs look at my life, both personal and work. Heck, writing this blog post was actually inspired by reading Jeremy Wrights extremely honest/refreshing look at his own work/life balance and some of the things he's been doing lately.

The last few months have been absolutely crazy here at Demac Media.  We're signing on new clients at what seems like a weekly pace, which is a nice change from the last 12 months with the recession and all that jazz.  We're also starting to get into much larger e-commerce projects, which has been our goal from day one.  Don't get me wrong, we love the smaller projects we're involved with on a weekly basis.  Smaller projects, especially in e-commerce, really teach you to be smart about where you spend time and money to grow a new/small business.  We've become quite good at identifying the high-return tasks for smaller projects, which helps our clients not waste money and helps us not waste time on low-return investments.

We're also starting to identify opportunities to turn some of our projects into more "product" type offerings.  In my experience this is a natural occurance in the consulting world.  You do enough work and you start to see patterns amongst different clients/projects.  The naturally large question we now have to answer is, which of these "product" offerings do we tackle first?  There's obviously a number of variables involved in making strategy decisions like this one, including how we're going to fund the project, let alone who is going to do the work!

I'm hoping to have our portfolio section of this site updated soon with some new client designs we're pushing live.  Since we work with different graphic designers all the time we get the pleasure of having a wide range of design types.  This really helps us satisfy a clients requirements.  We can choose the designer who we think is going to be portray the clients brand/company/product based on past work, personality and other "designer" attributes.

Like I said, a rather random mash of topics in this post but all stuff that I wanted to get written down.  

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