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Why You Need To Integrate Your eCommerce Site

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Systems Integration

The world of eCommerce is a world that seems small and easy, but once opened is found to be a large, expansive, vast world.  Full of challenges and requirements that you might not have known existed.  Luckily for you, here at Demac Media, we make this daunting task as painless as possible.  One of our greatest solutions of doing this is the Demac Data Donkey.

The Data Donkey

The Demac Data Donkey is the mule that carries all your data to where it needs to go (e.g. your eCommerce website).  Got a big sale going on?  The Donkey will do all the heavy lifting for you.  New product line?  Don’t sweat it!  The Donkey’s got your back.  Complete data automation is the name of the game. It’s extremely stress relieving for you to know that one of the biggest and always on-going tasks of an eCommerce site, (keeping your products up to date) is handled completely automatically.

Why Integration is Important

Why is it so important for us to do this kind of heavy lifting for you?  The biggest reason is because it makes it so easy.  Instead of going in and manually editting information in your chosen ERP system AND in Magento, all you need to do is update your ERP System and we’ll put all that work straight into Magento!  This saves more than just hours (and hours, and hours),  it saves stress… it saves room for human error, it saves sanity.

We have a lot of experience using many different kinds of ERP Systems, such as Blue Link, Business Vision, Net Suite, and even custom solutions.  This means we can teach the Donkey how to convert any kind of consistent data-to-data that Magento will understand.

We do more than just product information, we can even push sales records made on your Magento website into your ERP System.  Not only is product information constantly kept updated, but all your sales records are now too. You’ll be able to see your sales data from retail and online side by side!

Amazon Example

Have an Amazon storefront?  The Donkey can help you out with that too!  We can push orders made from Amazon into your ERP system, or even Magento itself!  The Donkey can also compare your products prices to other prices of the same product from other sellers and adjust your price accordingly!  This Donkey is a pretty smart Donkey. 😉

At the end of the day, when you integrate with Demac Media’s Data Donkey, it really feels like you’ve done no work at all, and that’s because you haven’t, our Data Donkey has done it all for you!  And this is why you should integrate with your Magento website.

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