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Why Magento is Taking 1st Place in the eCommerce Market

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Here at Demac Media, we are proud to be the largest Magento Gold Partner in Canada, as well as one of the Top 10 Magento Partners in the World. We exclusively work with this platform everyday, and we see first hand the amazing results through our clients.

Currently, Magento is on version It also updated its Enterprise (1.12) and Community (1.12) editions on April 24, 2012. With these updates and its unique ability to offer an amazing open source platform solution for a wide range of businesses, Magento is taking a bigger chunk of the eCommerce market.

Magento has matured since its launch on March 31st, 2008, and has continuously evolved to be a premiere eCommerce platform, one that is popular all over the globe. Magento, can be downloaded via the Magento website.

By serving the dual role of a CMS as well as an efficient shopping cart software, Magento has become the preferred platform for creating online stores. Its wide range of useful features (eg. Site Management, Product & Catalog Browsing to Marketing Promotions, Analytics and Reporting) are capable of making an eCommerce site both user and merchant “friendly”.

According to the I-Newswire, recent research has shown that “almost 17% of the total eCommerce market is powered by Magento, while 75% of those websites that have acquired services from other platforms, have now begun to migrate to Magento”. So it looks like Magento will eventually take over the eCommerce market. Why? Well with its support from eBay, high usabililty, modular architecture and strong flexibility, developers have a lot of options with this revolutionized open source eCommerce platform.

Here are some of the features in Magento 1.7:

·         Mobile HTML5

·         Auto-generation of Coupon Codes

·         Visitor segmentation

·         European union VAT-ID validation

·         Back-up and Rollback

This new version also has some advanced features like mobile optimization, easier order placement and payment bridge upgrades which provide a personalized shopping experience for clients and serve the requirements of a modern eCommerce environment. Magento 1.7 also has the ability to run B2B web applications easily, which in turn gives merchants the capability to increase consumer engagement, transactions and brand loyalty. Since the platform is fully compatible with European regulations like VAT id, it makes much easier to trade with European-based clients. Magento 1.7 is currently the most widely used framework especially in countries like USA, India and Germany and it is obvious that it is just a matter of time when such a powerful framework for online business operations will conquer the whole eCommerce market.

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