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What does your continue shopping button say?

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eCommerce, From Our CEO

After a customer has added product to their shopping cart, many sites will bring the user directly to the cart.  It’s a form of conversion optimization.  Show the customer the checkout, and hopefully they continue along the path you lay out in front of them.  Makes sense right?  What about those customers who want to keep shopping for more?

The vast majority of mid-market eCommerce platforms out there, including our two favorites Magento and AspDotNetStorefront, come with the standard “Continue Shopping” button.  This is good, but it’s not great in many cases.  So here are a few suggestions for presenting your customers a better experience.

1. Don’t make the Continue Shopping button stand out more than your Checkout Now button.

2. Don’t make your Continue Shopping button too subtle either as it can frustrate customers who really do want to continue shopping.

3. Try presenting multiple Continue Shopping options, giving the user a choice of where they’d like to return to.  Perhaps display “Shop More Shoes, Shop More Nike, Go To Home Page” links and let the users choose.

4. Use a little AJAX when a user presses the Add To Cart button.  Display a modal window that asks the user if they would like to view their cart now, or continue shopping.

5. Use alternative language to Continue Shopping.  Try displaying a link in the context of where the user just came from.  If your customer just came from shopping for car seats, then perhaps your language should say “Shop for more Car Seats”.

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