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Take Your Welcome Campaigns to the Next Level

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In every day conversations, when someone says “hi”, it’s customary to say “hi” back. Same thing applies to email marketing. When someone opts-in to receive promotional emails from you, they’re welcoming you into their inbox and letting you know they’re a fan of your brand. Be a good inbox guest and let them know you appreciate them.

Are you welcoming your newest subscribers?

No other email campaign you send out will have open rates quite like the welcome email. Especially if they’re triggered immediately upon sign up. Everyone’s welcome campaign is different, below I’ve included several elements you can consider for yours. Some things may be big wins for you, while others may not apply to your industry. Test out a few varieties and see what your database responds well to.

Your welcome series can go from good to great.

Thank them.

They just gave you their email address, thank them for that! It’s almost as coveted as a cell phone number (no one gets mine because the paranoia I have of ending up on some call list keeps me up at night). Be a gracious email marketer and say thank you.


Kate Spade Welcome Email

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Set expectations.

In email marketing (and life), people grow frustrated and annoyed when their expectations haven’t been managed. So get this relationship started on the right foot by letting them know what they’re going to get from you.

Remind them of:

J.Crew Factory Welcome

Jack Threads Welcome

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Offer an incentive.

Let’s not deny the truth, sometimes, a lot of people opt-in to promotional emails when they’re ready to make a purchase but need an extra push to seal the deal. They’re hoping to get a welcome offer when they share their personal information with you. And yes, this is a great way to get incremental revenue but keep in mind, this can be abused, consider including a unique promo code that will expire after one-time use or after a short period of time.

Incentives are always a touchy topic, this week, ReturnPath released a report that covers welcome campaigns and including incentives in your welcome email. They looked into engagement levels and lifetime value and found there is no significant difference in subsequent read rates for senders whose welcome messages offered discounts versus those that didn’t.

Bench Welcome

Loft Welcome

Start building a community.

If your site relies a lot on consumer engagement (ex. Pinterest), your welcome email should walk people through all of the features of your site and encourage them to start interacting. Getting subscribers engaged with the community early on will build a strong foundation and many of these subscribers will become brand advocates.

Modcloth Welcome

Pinterest Welcome

Include account information.

It’s handy to have a subscriber’s login information packaged together and sent off immediate so it’s filed away for safekeeping. If you require a login upon email opt-in, consider including the private account information in the welcome email.

Shopify Welcome


Send them back to your site.

The whole point of this welcome campaign is to get your subscribers to spend more time (and let’s be honest, money) on your site. So be sure your welcome email sends them back. Whether it be with the help of an incentive or walking them through your site or getting them to engage with your user/consumer community.

Whole Foods Welcome


Litmus Welcome


Building a proper relationship in the email world will do wonders for you in the long run. Your subscribers will trust you, feel confident that you’re sending them relevant information and be advocates of your brand (all wins).

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