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This Week in eCommerce
November 4 – 7

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Every week we like to gather some of the top articles in eCommerce to share with our followers. This week we’ve put together a compilation of articles covering news and stories around Social Login and Online Gift Cards. A study finds that physical location is still a factor in online-shopping decisions and lastly, are online marketers missing the boat on customer centric marketing? To view the Top articles, check out the post below.

Loop Commerce: Online Gift Cards

Article: eCommerce Gifting Isn’t a Perfect System, But Loop Commerce’s New Product Could Get it Closer
Source: TechCrunch

Shopping for someone else is difficult and for that reason, many shoppers choose to give out gift cards instead. However buying a gift card online also has its challenges. One company has a solution to potentially make buying online gift cards possible. Loop Commerce is a SaaS service that launched earlier this week. Loop Commerce created a B2B2C product that is a separate checkout flow for gifting.

Google Dominates Social Login

Article: Whatch Out, Facebook: Why Google and Pinterest Are Gaining as Social Rival
Source: ReadWrite

Social login is the practice of websites that enable users to sign in through a social network instead of creating a site-specific username and password. Social login provider Gigya conducted a study of 700 leading brands. Results show that Facebook continues to dominate social logins at 54% and Google + following at 24% and growing. Pinterest surpassed Facebook in eCommerce sharing grabbing 41% of eCommerce traffic. The key takeaway is that consumers are using the tools that are simple and convenient for them to use.

Online Marketing Goals

Article: Online Marketers Are Missing the Boat on Customer Centric Marketing
Source: Internet Retailer

When asked to name their top marketing goals, online retailers and other marketers identified the top two as “growing long-term relationships” with customers and enhancing the “customer experience across channels”. In a study released this month, Forrester Consulting reports that marketers are still concentrating too much on online marketing campaigns that try to reach a broad audience without interacting with individuals directly.

The Role of Brick and Mortar in eCommerce

Article: Physical Location Still a Factor in Online-Shopping Decisions
Source: Mashable

In the retailing world, the main change caused by the Internet is that shopping online has reduced the economic costs (in time, greif, gas money) of visiting a physical store and locating a product. This is known as the “death of distance”. The Internet has allowed buyers to shop in a global marketplace. However, an emerging economic study shows that there is no independent “online world”. Physical context matters to eCommerce as it shapes choices as well as tastes, allowing shoppers to determine what to buy online. These local effects are more significant due to the rise of mobile computing.

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