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This Week in eCommerce:
September 8 – 12

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The long awaited iPhone 6 was finally announced this week, along with some exciting features! The most exciting being their new mobile payment technology. This might be the push that mobile payments needed. In Toronto, a new app called Tab Payments is changing the way people pay for restaurant bills. Canadian Tire’s well recognized loyalty program is finally moving digital, which could increase sales and the number of customers that actually participate. And QVC continues to make eCommerce a top priority for their business as almost half of their revenues come from digital mediums. Check out the full articles in our Weekly Wrap Up below!

Will the new iPhone change Shopping?

Article: Apple Bids to Transform Payments and Mobile Commerce
Source: Internet Retailer

It’s what we’ve all been waiting for, the iPhone 6 was finally announced this week by Apple! The iPhone 6 is coming with a ton of new specs, but what we’re most interested in is the new mobile payment technology. The phone’s near field communication chips along with their Touch ID biometric fingerprint scanner will enable consumers to use their iPhones to securely pay for goods in stores. Will the new iPhone change the way people shop?

Dine and Dash – Legally!

Article: New App Lets Restaurant Patrons Dine and Dash Before the Bill Comes — Legally
Source: Canadian Business

It’s always exciting to see new innovations coming right out of our own city – Toronto! A new made-in-Toronto app known as Tab Payments allows restaurant patrons to pay for the bill straight from the app. This means that they don’t have to wait for their bills to come. Although this service is already commonly offered in America, it’s still new to Canada and something for Torontonian patrons to get used to.

Canadian Tire Finally Going Digital

Article: Canadian Tire to Roll Out New Digital Loyalty Program
Source: The Globe and Mail

If you’re Canadian, I’m pretty sure you have at least one piece of Canadian Tire money laying around your house somewhere. Now the company’s loyalty program is expanding to the digital world as well! Canadian Tire is expanding their rewards program to allow customers to collect and redeem Canadian Tire money on a card or smartphone. The digital loyalty program will also allow Canadian Tire to send customers tailored deals and specials based on their shopping patterns. Based on their pilot version, it looks like this strategy will boost sales.

More Sales Growth From Digital Channels

Article: QVC Expects More Sales Growth To Come From Digital Channels
Source: Internet Retailer

According to the CEO of QVC, Mike George, 70% of the retailer’s revenue from new customers is coming through digital channels! This is why one of their top strategic priorities is expanding its eCommerce and mobile commerce sales, which currently represent 43% of their business. It’s not just brick and mortars going digital, retailers with all models are moving to eCommerce.

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