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This Week in eCommerce:
October 6 – 10

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Will Apple Pay’s security features and 220,000 locations convince shoppers to leave their plastic cards at home? Experts say no, unless merchants sweeten the deal. Did you know that only 3% of Canadian retail is present online? Find out what a recent report had to say when they put Canadian eCommerce on blast. Indian retail site, Flipkart, is under investigation after their blowout sale left traditional retailers and shoppers disgruntled. Finally, Facebook makes its much anticipated Audience Network available to all marketers and is already reporting click through rates. If you’re still looking for more eCommerce news, check out our past Weekly Wrap Ups.


Article: Apple Pay Must Be More Than Payments, Experts Say
Source: Internet Retailer

Industry experts, like Jim DuBoyce, a payments specialist at W. Capra Consulting Group, believe that merchants will have to find ways to convince shoppers to break their plastic card habit so Apple Pay can become the payment method of choice. Special offers and loyalty programs, like the one Starbucks has successfully implemented could be the answer. Apple has already launched Passbook, an app that allows you to store coupons, gift cards, and airplane tickets, among other redeemable items. The app may ease Apple Pay’s acceptance among consumers. The call to action? Use Apple Pay and earn rewards that will be stored on Passbook.

Canadian eCommerce is Lagging

Article: Canada Losing Edge Online Due To Slow Digital Take-Up By Firms: Report
Source: CTV News

The Internet Association released a paper this Tuesday reporting that Canadians are among the most enthusiastic internet users. The two statistics behind this claim take into account the time they spend online and their social networking habits. Unfortunately, the same accolades cannot be doled out to Canadian small- and medium-sized businesses, as only 3% of Canada’s retail economy is online. By comparison, 23% of the UK’s retail industry is present on the internet, leaving Canada well below other G20 countries. The report takes a jab at PIPEDA, the Canadian personal information act, and suggests implementing a Digital Renovation Tax Credit to induce more Canadian businesses to go online.

Flipkart upsets rivals and shoppers

Article: Flipkart Mega Sale: Government May Formulate New Policy For E-Commerce
Source: The Times of India

Article: Flipkart’s Mega Sale: For Some, It Was A Harrowing Day
Source: The Times of India

In India, online shopping site Flipkart is catching a lot of flak from traditional retailers, as their recent “Big Billion Day” sale raised questions about the legitimacy of its discounts and unfair competition. Flipkart drew 1.5 million shoppers during Monday’s sale by offering name brand items, like 42 inch Sony Bravia TVs at 50% off. Some could scrap this story as a case of jealousy on the part of traditional retailers who can’t keep up. However, many stories about shoppers who had their purchases canceled and order histories deleted are surfacing. This might sound like a growth hack, but for a seemingly trusted company with a US$7 billion valuation, it may only hurt them in the long-run. For examples of successful growth hacks, check out this infographic.

facebook can send you ads outside of facebook

Article: Facebook Opens Up Its Mobile Ad Audience Network To All Marketers
Source: Internet Retailer

Facebook’s Audience Network is now open to all marketers. The ad network uses Facebook’s user data to reach consumers both on Facebook and on other mobile apps. In order to insure consumer engagement, ads target users by interest, as they do on Facebook. The Audience Network is already showing positive results, as early adopter, Walgreens, has seen click through rates four to five times higher than the ones received via other mobile ads. Facebook faces stiff competition as the mobile ad market is currently rife with challengers like Google, Apple, and eBay, to name a few.

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