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This Week in eCommerce:
July 7 – 11

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This week, online merchants got a big announcement from Magento which could hugely affect them if they’re small to medium-sized business; Magento’s SaaS based products, Magento Go and ProStores, is shutting down! The products won’t be shutting down until February 2015, so they have some time to get through the holiday season and prepare for a move. Also in eCommerce, Google continues to experiment with their shopping delivery service, Shopping Express, to compete with Amazon. Sears and Kmart is now allowing their online customers to pick up their orders from either retailer, regardless of which brand website they shopped from. Bitcoin supporter wants to educate officials on cryptocurrency and we see mobile commerce growing even more! Read our summaries below for our Weekly Wrap Up!


Article: eBay-Owned E-Commerce Platform Magento Shuts Down Services Aimed At Smaller Retailers
Source: TechCrunch

The eBay Enterprise owned eCommerce platform, Magento, is shutting down their Magento Go and ProStores products for early 2015. These two products are designed for small to medium-sized online retailers, which currently caters to about 10,000 merchants. The shut down of these products leaves merchants only with their open source versions; Magento Community and Enterprise Edition. Perhaps this will pave new opportunities for Shopify to reach new merchants.

Google Pushes Back on Amazon with Shopping Express

Article: Inside Google’s Big Plan to Race Amazon to Your Door
Source: Recode

Google might be the undisputed king of search, but over the years, Amazon has been able to transform itself to become the king of product searches. However, Google isn’t about step back. They’re recently been experimenting with online groceries and Shopping Express, a strategy to get into retailing. “You can very much expect that we are putting a lot of money into this and we’re excited and willing to sustain that investment over time as this gets going,” said Tom Fallows, head of Google Shopping Express.

Shop at Sears, Pickup at Kmart

Article: Sears, Kmart to Offer Cross Store Pickup For Online Orders
Source: Wall Street Journal

Sears may have not done very well in Canada, but they’re ramping up their business in the U.S. Sears and Kmart is offering their customers cross store pickup for online orders. This means customers can shop on the Sears website and pick up their orders at Kmart, or vice versa. The retailers hope that this will help further blend their online and physical store offerings. This will definitely make shopping much more convenient and accessible to customers.

Will This Pro-Bitcoin Lobbyist Educate Enough Officials?

Article: There’s A Pro-Bitcoin Lobbyist In Washington Now
Source: Business Insider

If Bitcoins were to become mainstream, it would take a lot of educating to get there. Brett Stapper, the cofounder of Falcon Gloabl Capital, a Bitcoin investment fund, understands this. Stapper filed paperwork this week to lobby members of Congress and federal agencies on issues related to the cryptocurrency. Do you think Stapper will be successful in converting officials into supporters? Share your comments below!

The Trend is Clear with mCommerce

Article: Mobile Ecommerce: Now a $40 Billion Market
Source: Media Post

Based on a new study, the mCommerce is on track to hit $50 billion by the end of 2014! That would be more than double from the previous year. The trend is clear; more people are shopping online from their phones! Desktop purchases still rule, with 76% of purchases coming from it, but mobile is definitely on the rise. Check out the full article to see more on how mCommerce is doing so far.

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