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This Week in eCommerce:
June 30 – July 4

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This week, Canada went through a big change due to the new Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation. It has been something that businesses were feeling wary towards for a few weeks and it has finally come. For the first time ever, a pure-play eTailer made the Top 10 on STORES Magazine’s Top 100 Retailers list. Newspapers get creative by allowing readers to purchase items featured on their papers with the use of Bitcoins. Retailers in the food and drinks industry continue to struggle with online retailing, but this is still a new concept for them so we might see some success with them soon. Check out this summaries below for our Weekly Wrap Up!

CASL is Here!

Article: Canada’s Anti-Spam Law Costing Businesses up to $50,000 as They Work to Update Email Communication
Source: National Post

We’ve been speaking about the new Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation for a few weeks now and it has finally come! As of July 1st, CASL was in full effect making businesses feeling a little worried. Although the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission has said that not every violation will necessarily be met with a penalty, the new legislation is definitely not one to ignore as fines can go up to $1 million for individuals and $10 million for companies. For companies that have been preparing themselves to be CASL compliant, up to $50,000 has been reported to be spent on legal fees, setting up content databases, and adding unsubscribe features on email accounts. If you still haven’t adjusted your marketing practices to be CASL compliant, here’s an eBook to help you understand and become compliant for the new legislation. Ranks on STORES Magazine’s Top 10 Retailers

Article: Amazon Becomes First Pure-Play eTailer to Crash the Top 10
Source: NRF

STORES Magazine’s annual Top 100 Retailers list typically featured bricks and mortar stores. However, in recent years many online retailers have been breaking the list and for the first time ever, a pure-play eTailer has made the top 10. It’s no surprise that the company that accomplished this was Amazon as they nearly added $10 billion in internet retail sales last year. Check out the article to see what other retailers have made the list and some critical factors affecting both online and offline sales.

Shopping Off of A Newspaper?!

Article: Chicago Newspaper Taps Bitcoin, Beyonce for Ad Experiment
Source: WSJ

It’s a little crazy to think about how far technology has come. Online shopping and mobile shopping makes sense, but who ever thought that one day we would be able to shop from newspapers?! The Chicago Sun-Times is experimenting with a new idea in which readers will be able to scan QR codes and directly purchase items that they see on their newspapers using Bitcoins. For example, on July 2, they ran a print ad of Jay-Z and Beyonce’s upcoming concert with a QR code which will allow readers to directly purchase concert tickets. This might just “inspire a new wave of offline interactions with Bitcoin payments.”

Grocers Aren’t Giving Up Their Online Efforts

Article: Food Makers Feel Their Way Towards Online Future
Source: Reuters

Last month, we saw how the grocery business was doing in eCommerce; not well. eCommerce only accounted for 3.7% of sales for fast-moving items such as food, drinks, and groceries. The facts so far are a little unfortunate because if food retailers could execute an online storefront properly, they could probably save a lot of money and have lower product development costs. However most food retailers are “seriously unprepared for online retailing”. I hope they are able to come out of the struggle they are having with the online world, because I would personally love to shop for my groceries online.

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