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This Week in eCommerce:
June 16 – 20

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This week was very exciting for the tech and eCommerce world! Amazon finally launched their Fire Phone, which is packed with some awesome features. One of them being Firefly, a feature allowing users to showroom products from virtually anywhere. Amazon has come a long way since their inception in 1994. It’s interesting to see how a small website started in Bezo’s basement grew to be what it is today, so we found a fun BuzzFeed post that looks back at the company’s growth. Along with Amazon, eCommerce in general has grown tremendously! Which is why we’re seeing shipping companies such as FedEx and UPS hiking their pricing strategies. Also, WalMart’s Silicon Valley-based R&D and innovation center is acquiring tons of smaller companies to enhance their own online and mobile strategies. Check out this week’s Weekly Wrap Up to read more on what’s been going on in eCommerce!

Firefly Makes Shopping on Amazon Effortless

Article: Amazon Fire Phone to Lure Buyers Into its Shopping World
Source: Globe & Mail

After much anticipation, Amazon finally launched their very own smartphone, known as the Fire Phone! While most people were looking forward to the rumoured 3D features of the phone, we think the biggest news to come from this release is their Firefly feature. Firefly is designed to let users take a picture of almost any object and immediately purchase it on Amazon. With Firefly, shoppers can now showroom products anytime and anywhere!

Did You Know? Amazon Edition

Article: 20 Incredible Things You Never Knew About
Source: BuzzFeed

Did you know in Amazon’s early days, a bell would ring in the office every time someone made a purchase? Of course that didn’t last too long since the company grew so fast! The story of how Amazon grew into the eCommerce giant that it is today is quite interesting. This post from BuzzFeed gives you a fun peak into the company’s history.

Shipping Companies Taking Advantage of the Growing Online Business

Article: UPS to Consider Box Size in Ground-Shipping Prices

After FedEx announced changes to their shipping rates last month, UPS followed with a similar announcement. Starting December 29, right after the holiday shopping season, UPS will consider box size when setting prices for ground shipment of parcels within the U.S. and Canada. The company hopes that this will change encourage their customers to put lightweight items in smaller boxes to save space. These price hikes from big shipping companies are definitely an indication of eCommerce’s rapid growth in recent years.

@WalmartLabs’ 13th Acquisition

Article: @WalmartLabs Grabs Its First “Silicon Alley” Startup With Acquisition Of Fashion App Stylr
Source: Tech Crunch

@WalmartLabs, the retailers R&D and innovation center, announced their 13th acquisition this week! Their most recent acquisition is a fashion app, Stylr, which helps consumers find clothes they love in nearby stores. We’re not sure what WalMart is going to do with the app yet, but it will be pulled from the iTunes App Store by the end of this month. It’s exciting to see giant retailers like WalMart really embrace eCommerce by integrating new technologies and ideas into their business.

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