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This Week in eCommerce:
July 21 – 25

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This week in eCommerce was full of news! Affiliate Traction launched a press release announcing our Magento extension suite, which allows merchants to easily set up an affiliate program on their site. In America, there’s potential that an online sales tax bill will get passed posing a threat on online retailers. Neiman Marcus adopts Visa Checkout making their online customer experience even stronger. SHOP.CA launches their first mobile app making shopping through their store accessible through any device at any place. Ditto makes online shopping for eyewear a little less ambivalent with their virtual try-on software. Check out the summaries below in our Weekly Wrap Up to see what’s been happening in eCommerce!

Affiliate Channel Integration – Magento Extension

Article: AffiliateTraction Partners With Demac Media to Develop First-Ever Magento Extension for Affiliate Channel Integration
Source: PR Newswire

Interested in starting an affiliate program for your Magento site? Affiliate Traction’s recent press release announces the launch of our Magento extension suite for total channel integration. The Magento plug-in is a way to make affiliate marketing a faster, easier process, saving time and resources for merchants. Interested to learn more about the software? You can get the details here!

Supporters of Online Sales Tax are Back in Action

Article: Online Sales Tax is Back – And This Time, It Might Actually Have a Shot at Passing
Source: The Washington Post

Last year, the Senate passed legislation that would allow states broader latitude collect sales on online purposes, however the proposal was quickly put aside in the house. Now, supporters of the bill are suddenly back in action and are trying it push it through lower chamber. Brick and mortar retailers are of course in favour of the bill, which would create a more equal playing field against online retailers. If this goes through, how far will eCommerce get affected? Share your thoughts below!

Neiman Marcus Improving their Customer Experience

Article: Neiman Marcus Enables Visa Checkout to Boost eCommerce Conversion
Source: Luxury Daily

Last week, we heard about Visa Checkout and they’ve already got 10 online retailers on board. One of them being Neiman Marcus. The department store recently added Visa Checkout as a payment method for its eCommerce site to make online shopping easier for their customers. Customers can now make an account through Visa, which can include multiple card informations, and simply enter their password when checking out on Neiman Marcus. This allows customers to save time entering credit card numbers and make the check out process much quicker, which could greatly improve their shopping cart abandonment rate!

SHOP.CA Makes Shopping More Accessible

Article: SHOP.CA Launches Its First Mobile App for the iPhone and Android Devices
Source: Yahoo

At the beginning of this week, SHOP.CA announced their very first mobile app for Apple and Android devices! Just like their normal online website, the app will feature the same deals on top-quality products. By introducing a mobile app, SHOP.CA will be able to attract busy customers that would rather shop during their morning commute on the train, waiting for lunch at a favourite restaurant, or during kids’ soccer practice!

Virtually Try on Your Eyeglasses on Ditto

Article: Secret’s Out on Our 3D Virtual Try-on
Source: Ditto

A huge hurdle for online shopping is not being able to physically see the product. Especially with wearable items such as clothing and accessories, it’s always a little worrying that the product will not look good on you. Now with Ditto’s virtual try-on software, this won’t be a problem for you when purchasing eyewear! Their software allows you to capture a video of yourself and virtually try on various glasses that they sell. Check out how they do it on their blog!

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