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This Week in eCommerce:
July 14 – 18

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This week was full of announcements from various eCommerce players! In France, the government announced a new law banning free postage offers and discounts higher than 5% on all online book orders which brought out a risky reaction from Amazon. SEO marketing on Google becomes more difficult as they continue to change their algorithms to display the relevant search results rather than the site that just has a strong SEO strategy. Shopify announces a partnership with Pinterest which gives all Shopify merchants automatic access to Rich Pins. Visa launches a new digital payment service called ‘Visa Checkout’ which makes checking out on mobile devices much quicker and easier. Facebook tests a new feature allowing merchants to directly sell products on the Facebook News Feed. Check out our Weekly Wrap Up summaries below to see what has been happening in eCommerce this week!

Amazon Fights Back Against New French Law

Article: Amazon Responds to French Free Delivery Ban by Charging 1 Cent
Source: Telegraph

After the French government introduced the law banning free delivery offers on online book orders, Amazon responded by charging 1 cent! The law came into effect this week in an effort to protect small, traditional bookstores from online retailers such as Amazon. The new law also prevents online stores from applying discounts of more than 5% to a book cover’s price. Some are worried that once Amazon dominates the market and eliminates other retailers, they will raise the prices back up. What do you think of Amazon’s risky move? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

If You Want to Rank High on Google, Just Have a Great Site!

Article: Are We Coming to the End of SEO?
Source: Mashable

When customers search for something in Google, they’re not looking for the site that has the best SEO strategy, they’re looking for a site that is really relevant to their search. And Google wants what their users want, which means SEO marketing on Google is continue to get harder to win with. If you want to rank high on Google, your best bet is to simply have a great site and market it effectively. This should be a standard for every website anyways, but especially with SEO becoming harder to use.

Shopify Brings Rich Pins to All Merchants

Article: Pinterest Rich Pins Now Automatically Enabled for Shopify Merchants
Source: Shopify

This week, Shopify announced a new partnership with Pinterest! This new partnership now allows Shopify merchants to automatically enable Rich Pins on their site. This is going to make their images on Pinterest more shoppable, with additional information within the pin such as real-time pricing and stock availability. Although this feature was previously available, it required adding meta data to your site’s code and validating the Rich Pins on Pinterest. Now, all Shopify merchants get access to this feature automatically!

‘Visa Checkout’ Makes Online Shopping Quick and Simple

Article: Visa Launches ‘Checkout’ for Quick and Easy Payments From Any Device
Source: Computerworld

Earlier this week, Visa announced a new payment service called ‘Visa Checkout’. This new service is a simplified digital payment service designed to allow customers to quickly pay for goods online on any connected device. With the new service, customers can simply enter a username and password which will bring up all of their necessary information. This might just be what merchants need to improve their check out abandonment on mobile devices, since checking out will be so quick and easy!

Facebook’s Latest Feature

Article: Testing a New Way for People to Discover and Buy Products on Facebook
Source: Facebook

Just yesterday, Facebook announced a new feature that they are testing out to help businesses drive sales on their sites. This new feature will somewhat transform Facebook into a marketplace itself as merchants will be able to include “Buy” call-to-action buttons on their ads and page posts, allowing viewers to purchase products directly from a business without even leaving their Facebook News Feed. They assure that this feature was built with privacy in mind and will not store any debit or credit card information. What do you think of this new feature?

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