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This Week in eCommerce:
January 6 – 9

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Interesting eCommerce trends are forecasted for 2014. Major supermarkets are doubling warehouse space in anticipation for rising Internet food sales. Pinterest acquires VisualGraph to help better understand the way people are pinning in order to personalize content. Frigid temperatures suspend parcel services along the American Midwest. Lastly, Google improves how people connect with it’s new Google+ update. Read the summaries in this week’s Weekly Wrap Up.

Improving Pinterest with Image Recognition

Article: Pinterest Acquires Image Recognition And Visual Startup VisualGraph
Source: TechCrunch

How will Pinerest’s acquisition of VisualGraph impact the way retailers target customers? Pinterest says the acquisition will make it easier for people to find the things they love. The acquisition will help Pinterest better understand what people are pinning. Learning the visual content of what people pin, could help Pinterest better suggest other content and show relevant ads. Currently, Pinterest is working on a monetization strategy geared to focus on ads.

Polar Vortex Delays Parcel Delivery in U.S

Article: eRetailers Trudge Through Extreme Weather
Source: Top 500 Guide Online

A whirlpool of frigid dense air has descended onto parts of the US, as a “polar vortex” momentarily suspended parcel services along the American Midwest. Web retailers like, focused on minimizing the impact of weather-related interruptions by forewarning customers about delivery delays. FedEx and UPS also suspended its parcel delivery services as a result of the extreme weather.

The Internet is Set to Become a Key Marketplace for Grocers in 2014

Article: Grocers Rush to Open ‘dark stores’ as online food shopping expands
Source: The Guardian

Major supermarkets (e.g. Tesco, Asda and Waitrose) will be doubling warehouse space for distribution centers as Internet food sales rise. Known as “dark stores”, approximately 1.8m sq ft of warehouse space is allotted as online shopping continues to transform the retail space. How will online play a role in retail plans for grocers? The Internet is expected to become a key battleground for grocers in 2014 as grocers like Morrisons and Tesco declare an end to the “race for space”.

New Google+ Email Integration Can Help Users Reach More People

Article: Google+ Is Getting Harder to Avoid
Source: ReadWrite

In an attempt to synchronize all its services, Google introduced deeper integration into its email service to help Google+ users reach more people. Google continues its efforts to tie its services together, but users are feeling the pressure to conform to Google’s standards and many don’t like it. However, despite the anticipated backlash, one of the benefits of the new integration is the ability to reach more people you know before exchanging email addresses.

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