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This Week in eCommerce:
January 20 – 24

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Could online import taxes be the new standard of eCommerce? The Russian government is considering the implementation of a 30% tax on imports from foreign online retailers. Brink’s Co. announces an eCommerce retail payment processing service, and after significant credit card breaches over the holiday’s Brink’s might be a welcomed addition to the online payments field. Amazon tackles the last mile of the supply chain with its patented Anticipatory Shipping strategy. Read this and more in our Weekly Wrap Up.

30% Tax on Imports from Foreign Online Retailers

Article: Russia Considering 30% Import Tax on Foreign Online Retailers
Source: The Guardian

The Russian government is considering the implementation of restrictions on imports from foreign online retailers in effort to protect local operators. Online retailers could potentially be billed 30% in taxes on imports worth over 7,000 Ruble or $203 USD. Additional restrictions on the number of imported parcels could also apply thus limiting delivery services such as DHL or UPS. Russia wouldn’t be the first country wanting to implement import restrictions for online retailers. Argentina also wants to limit the number of purchases residents can make from international sites.

Google’s New Knowledge Graph

Article: Google Search for Desktop Gets New Knowledge Graph Option to See More Information About Websites in Results
Source: The Next Web

Google announced a new search feature designed to give the user more depth and information on what they are searching for. The newest search feature is provided by Google’s Knowledge Graph and will appear directly on the search results page right next to the SEO Title. It is unknown when this feature will be available for mobile; however, it is currently available for desktop searching only.

Anticipatory Shipping by Amazon

Article: Amazon Wants to Ship Your Package Before You Buy It
Source: Digits by Wall Street Journal

The last mile is a phrase commonly used to represent the final leg of the supply chain; delivering goods right to the customer’s doorstep. The last mile is considered the most costly aspect of supply chain in eCommerce, but Amazon is determined to resolve that with its patented “Anticipatory Shipping”. Amazon’s latest shipping strategy could potentially cut delivery time and discourage customers from visiting physical stores.

Brink’s Co. Announces eCommerce Payment Processing Service

Article: Brink’s to Begin eRetail Payment Processing
Source: Retail Dive

Brink’s Co. announced an eCommerce retail payment processing service that is compliant with Payment Card Industry Security Standards for data protection. Merchants can expect at 2.9% charge for each transaction plus $0.30 processing fee. Brink’s is best known for its untouchable truckloads of cash. If the cash handling security company can bring the same sense of security and protection to online retailers, Brink’s could become a leader in the ePayments field.

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