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This Week in eCommerce:
February 10 – 14

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The SEO datapocalypse, contextual search, and unmanned flying drones made our Weekly Wrap Up headlines this week. Major U.S search engines are implementing secure search, disabling the keywords that drive organic search referrals. Search engine marketers and SEO enthusiasts will have to adapt new data sources for analyzing natural search performance. Traditional retailers are toping the charts when it comes to consumer experience. They have outperformed their pureplay counterparts and have come up with the right formula for optimal consumer experience across multiple channels. Amazon isn’t the only player in the market coming up with creative means of delivery. Still, like Amazon Prime Air, questions about its reliability and security remain.

Unmanned Drones to Deliver Government Services in the UAE

Article: Drones to Deliver Documents, ID Cards Overseas
Source: CNBC

Amazon isn’t the only player in the market figuring out creative ways to deliver parcels and packages to its customers. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has developed unmanned flying drones designed to deliver government services like official documents and driving licences. Known for its luxurious hotels and grand projects like the world’s tallest building, the UAE’s drone is coloured white and stamped with the UAE flag. The drone will be propelled by four rotors and will contain a compartment to house a package. Like Amazon Prime Air, questions still remain about its security and reliability.

Major Search Engines Implement Secure Search

Article: SEO Performance Reporting in a Datapocolypse
Source: Practical eCommerce

The time has come where search engine marketers and SEO enthusiasts alike, will have to adopt new data sources in analyzing natural search performance, as major U.S search engines implement secure search. Keywords that drive organic search referrals are no longer visible for search engine marketers and SEO specialists. Since this data is no longer available many feel that we’ve entered the “datapocalypse”! Its time to reset your search goals for the natural search performance.

Traditional Retailers Top The Charts in Crosschannel Customer Experience

Article: Traditional Retailers Outperform Pureplays on Crosschannel Customer Experience: Study
Source: Internet Retailing

When it comes to cross-channel customer experience, traditional retailers are outperforming pureplay sellers! The digital customer experience was the main focus of a study by eDigitalResearch. Their latest benchmark report compared the customer experience across digital channels including web, mobile and apps. What they found was, although traditional retailers took longer to move to digital, their investment in seamless customer experiences has paid off. Researchers found that navigational links, product page detail’s and even search results all match seamlessly across the digital channels of top retailers.

The Next Big Thing in Search? Contextual Search by Yahoo!

Article: Yahoo’s Next Long Game: Contextual Search
Source: Mashable

At this years Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las, Vegas, Yahoo president and CEO Marissa Mayer talked about the latest in online searching. Search is not the type of Google homepage query your thinking of. Mayer is looking to beat Google at contextual search. Users will receive specialized results based on multiple factors such as location, time and previous behaviour. Contextual search takes into account a variety of factors in order to generate relevant results tailored for the individual.

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