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This Week in eCommerce:
December 30 – January 3

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This week’s Wrap Up is filled with news in and around the world of eCommerce. Shopify introduces a better way for online merchants to manage online stores and sell products while on the go. As retailers are promising “just-in-time” delivery, some online retailers want more control over distribution. Google introduces a newer standard of video streaming. Canadian consumers have shown reluctance to engage in online shopping despite Canada’s high degree of digital connectedness. Read what CEO of Demac Media, Matt Bertulli says about Canadian eCommerce.

Canadian Starups Are Creatively Changing eCommerce

Article: Smaller Firms, Startups Boost Canada’s eCommerce Market
Source: eMarketer

Canadian consumers have shown reluctance to engage in online shopping despite Canada’s high degree of digital connectedness. The reality is, slow eCommerce adoption is not due to a lack of consumer interest in buying online, but more a result of poor online shopping experience. eMarketer estimates Canadian sales will increase nearly 18% and reach $24.62 billion in 2013. Our CEO, Matt Bertulli says, “This past year, we’ve seen a big improvement in this country. These smaller firms like and Snuggle Bugz now have better knowledge, investment and ambition.” Smaller firms and startups are providing a creative boost in the eCommerce market. Off-the-shelf eCommerce solutions have lowered entry barriers to eCommerce.

Are Online Retailers Interested In Their Own Delivery Services?

Article: Christmas Delivery Fiasco Shows Why Amazon Wants Its Own UPS
Source: Wired

The 2013 holiday shopping season experienced high volume of parcel delivery. On the Monday before Christmas UPS expected to ship approximately 7.75 million packages through its air network. Can shipping companies cope with such high volume in parcel delivery? As retailers offer enticing deals and promise “just in time” delivery for online orders, on time delivery is an important feature for retailers like Amazon. Amazon offered $20 gift cards to customers whose packages didn’t make it on time. Instead of depending on delivery services that are out of their control, some of the nations largest online retailers are already looking for alternatives.

Sell Products Anywhere With Shopify Mobile

Article: Introducing Shopify Mobile
Source: Shopify

Sell your products on the go with Shopify’s new mobile plug in. This is a new way for Shopify merchants to manage their stores and sell products from anywhere. Shopify overhauled its popular iOS app and included some new exciting features that will allow Shopify merchants to manage their sales and products on the go. Merchants can now accept cash or credit card payments on a mobile device with a free card reader. This feature is currently available for U.S. merchants and on iOS.

Google Releases VP9 for Ultra High-Definition Streaming

Article: YouTube Goes 4K, Google Signs Up Long List of Hardware Partners For VP9 Support
Source: Gigaom

Google has been developing VP9, an ultra high-definition streaming alternative for an open and royalty-free alternative format to commercial video. In 2010, Google released VP8 video codec, but due to a lack of hardware support and opposition from some companies, VP8 did not become the default format. This time around, Google has aligned a list of partners to launch VP9. YouTube will show off 4K streaming at the LG, Panasonic and Sony booths at CES in Las Vegas next week. Google’s VP9 hardware decoding will help improve video delivery and is expected to arrive on PCs and mobile devices first while the first TVs supporting the format are expected to ship by 2015.

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