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This Week in eCommerce:
August 4 – 8

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This week in eCommerce, myths were laid down and new rumours sparked! Based on recent research, we saw that men shop just as much as women, and when it comes to mobile shopping, men are actually more likely! From Twitter, we got a hint that they may be delving further in eCommerce, as a new “Payment & Shipping” setting appeared on some phones. Royal Mail is embracing eCommerce and is offering a “Click and Collect” service, allowing online customers to pick up their packages straight from the postal office. Barnes & Noble teamed up with Google to offer fast and free book delivery to shoppers. Could this have a significant impact on Amazon? Check out our Weekly Wrap Up below to get the full scoop!

Myth Debunked: Men Actually Shop Just as Much as Women

Article: Research Shows Men Are More Likely to Shop on Mobile Than Women
Source: Washington Post

The common myth is that women do more online shopping than men, but it turns out that men actually shop online just as much as women do. Furthermore, according to a recent BI Intelligence report, men are more likely to shop through their mobile devices. According to a study conducted by SeeWhy, 22 percent of men bought something on their phones while 18 percent of women did; 20 percent of men made purchases on their tablets, compared with only 17 percent of women. What other information was found in these studies? Check out the article from Washington Post!

Twitter Delving Further Into eCommerce?

Article: Twitter Just Dropped a Huge Hint That it Will Introduce Shopping Services
Source: The Next Web

Twitter’s slowly been getting involved with eCommerce over the last few months with features such as #AmazonCart, so we’re not too surprised to hear the latest rumours of them. A number of Twitter users have recently noticed a “Payment & Shipping” setting on the mobile app for Androids. Although not accessible yet, many are suspecting that this is a hint that Twitter is delving further into the eCommerce business.

Pick Up Your Mail from Royal Mail

Article: Royal Mail Introduces ‘Click and Collect’ Service for Small Businesses
Source: The Drum

Postal Services all over the world are realizing that their opportunities for revenue are no longer in traditional mail deliveries, but parcel deliveries. With the rising popularity of online shopping, we’ve seen Canada Post shift their strategy to accommodate parcel shipping, and now we’re seeing a shift with Royal Mail. The Royal Mail has begun phasing in a new ‘click and collect’ service to 20,000 small and medium sized businesses, which allows customers to pick up their packages directly from the postal office. How do you feel about this new business model? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Barnes & Noble is Taking on Amazon With The Help of Google

Article: Google and Barnes & Noble Unite to Take On Amazon
Source: NY Times

For a while now, Amazon has dominated the book market online, but could this change? Google and Barnes & Noble are teaming up to offer fast, cheap delivery of books to compete with Amazon. This week, Google Shopping Express began offering same-day deliveries from local Barnes & Noble stores in the Manhatten, Los Angeles, and San Francisco Bay Area. This is Barnes & Noble’s way of linking their digital and physical retail store business. It looks like Google and Barnes & Noble might also be taking advantage of the current situation between Amazon and Hachette. It’ll be interesting to see where this new partnership goes.

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