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This Week in eCommerce: August 25 – 29

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This week in eCommerce, we see new innovations coming from Australia! A multi-million dollar lab named AOPEN launched hoping to change the way brick and mortar retailers engage with their customers digitally. Also, we notice that fashion designers are shifting from selling in department stores to selling directly to consumers thanks to the online marketplace. We hear more rumours regarding Twitter entering eCommerce, and we also see results from a recent study showing which shopping categories are growing! Check out the full summaries below in our Weekly Wrap Up!

Brick and Mortars Get More Engaging in Australia

Article: Going Shopping in Australia Is About to Get Easier, Faster and More Exciting
Source: Mashable

Australia is taking omni-channel commerce to a new level! This week, a multi-million dollar lab named AOPEN was launched, which allow retailers to create a hands-on experience with technology in their stores. With AOPEN businesses can truly integrate digital into physical stores. For example, a coffee shop can have touch screen windows that allows consumers to order their drink before even entering the store. Several Australian retailers are already getting on board with the idea, so this could be the next step of evolution for eCommerce!

Fashion Designers Shifting From Department Stores to Online

Article: For Fashion Designers, Selling Direct Is the New Black
Source: The Wall Street Journal

Thanks to eCommerce, being a successful fashion designer doesn’t necessarily entail being featured in big department stores anymore. Nowadays, the popular option for new and small businesses is to skip the middleman entirely and sell directly to consumers. Not only does this increase the margins the designer actually gets, but it also allows them to have more control on how their products are sold. This does require more effort and comes with higher risks, but it’s great that the online marketplace is providing opportunities for fresh designers.

More Twitter Speculation

Article: Twitter May Add “Buy” Button To Tweets
Source: Geeky Gadgets

Earlier this month, people were wondering if Twitter was entering eCommerce due to a non-functional “Shipping & Payments” option in their settings. Now, there are new reports that Twitter is in fact entering eCommerce by partnering with Stripe to add a “buy” button in tweets. The button will allow Twitter users to purchase products mentioned in tweets. Rumours have it that this feature will roll out before the holiday season this year, so I guess we’ll find out soon!

Online Market for Entertainment Grows

Article: Click and Cha-Ching: eCommerce Shifts Into Higher Gear Around The World
Source: Nielson

How has online shopping grown over the last few years and which categories have grown the most? Nielson recently conducted a survey to measure online purchase intention rates for more than half of 22 consumer product categories, including computer software, e-books, and clothing. What did the survey find? There has been a real shift in online purchases for entertainment. For example, the event tickets category grew the most between 2011-2014, from 22% to 41%. Another big shift was in airline tickets and reservations, moving from 33% to 48%. Clothing, accessories, and shoes are still high up on the list, but the survey results are demonstrating that online shopping isn’t just for tangible products anymore!

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