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This Week in eCommerce: August 18 – 22

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Mobile commerce seems to be the hot topic lately. This week in eCommerce, we’re really seeing the growth of it! A recent benchmark report shows that 38% of eCommerce traffic during Q1 and Q2 was from mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. Also, PayPal releases a new product which may make mobile payments a lot easier. With OneTouch, shoppers will be able to save their credit card information and simply check out with one touch. It is speculated that Apple may also make an announcement in September that the iPhone 6 will include NFC, which could tackle the challenge of mobile payments. Finally, with the holidays coming up, we see shipping companies UPS and Canada Post gear up for the rush. Check out more of our Weekly Wrap Up to catch up on what’s happening in eCommerce.

Numbers Prove Growth of Mobile

Article: 38% of All Ecommerce Site Visits Came From Mobile and Tablet Devices
Source: MultiChannel Merchant

We’ve all seen this coming, and we already know it’s happening: eCommerce is going mobile. But how big is mobile commerce getting? 38% of all eCommerce traffic during Q1 & Q2 was from mobile devices, according to a report by ShopVisible. However, mobile sales are still a little behind in conversion rates and average order values. With the rate that mobile commerce is growing in and the growing popularity of mobile devices, those numbers may soon shoot high as well.

Will Apple Make Mobile Payments a Winner?

Article: Can Apple With NFC Ignite Mobile Payments?
Source: PYMNTS

With the upcoming debut of Apple’s iPhone 6, pundits are also predicting that this year, the new iPhone will also include NFC. Apple will allow consumers to register one card to their iTunes account, which can then be used to pay for items in stores that accept NFC payments. Will this mean mobile payments will finally be made easy? Only 3 more months until we find out.

Checkout on Mobile with One Touch

Article: PayPal Rolls Out One-Touch Mobile Checkout For Apps
Source: TechCrunch

This week, PayPal released a new product called One Touch, a mobile checkout for merchants and app developers. The idea behind One Touch is that you’ll be able to check out with literally one touch. You will no longer need to re-enter your credit card information at checkout. The product was originally developed by a startup company named Venmo, but with Paypal on their side, One Touch will be able to reach a larger audience. The new product is being launched into Beta with only a select number of merchants, but keep your eyes open as it will be rolling out more publicly in September!

Gear Up! The Holidays are Coming!

Article: UPS and Canada Post are Bracing for a Surge in Holiday Shipments as More People Shop Online
Source: Financial Post

With the busiest shopping season of the year, quickly approaching, shipping companies UPS and Canada Post are gearing up! Last year, UPS was overwhelmed with the sheer volume of packages shipped in the United States, which exceeded the company’s projections. This resulted in some customers receiving packages past the holiday deadline. Although this problem wasn’t experienced in Canada last year, they are still preparing by hiring 2,000 seasonal workers. Canada Post is also gearing up by hiring an additional 1,500 temporary employees to help with the growing popularity of Black Friday and Cyber Monday in Canada.

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