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This Week in eCommerce:
August 11 – 15

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We’re not surprised to see Amazon in the news again this week. This time, for another dispute similar to the one with Hachette. Amazon is stalling preorders on certain Disney movies for lower prices. Amazon also announced a new mobile POS solution, Amazon Local Register, which could help propel smaller businesses ahead. Moving away from Amazon, we see some new forms of digital shopping. First, the social shopping app, Soldsie, integrates with Magento. And Pixbi, a mobile app for in-add shopping officially announces their launch. Check out our Weekly Wrap Up to get the full scoop on the stories!

Amazon Back at Playing Hardball

Article: Amazon Takes on Disney by Halting Preorders of Popular Movies
Source: The Globe and Mail

There has been no shortage of Amazon news for eCommerce. This week, they’re at back at playing hardball by stalling purchases to get lower prices. Earlier this Summer, it was Hachette, and now it’s Disney! Amazon is refusing users to preorder certain movies. Is this move really to get lower prices for customers or for their own bottom line? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Amazon Local Register Announced!

Article: Amazon Payments Unveils a Mobile POS Solution
Source: MultiChannel Merchant

In other news for Amazon, it was announced that Amazon is releasing Amazon Local Register, a POS solution that allows merchants to accept credit and debit card transactions from a mobile device. Merchants using the Amazon Local Register will help smaller businesses keep track of their business and get access to Amazon’s customer support team. For anyone interested, if you sign up for it before October 31, you will receive a low promotional rate of 1.75% per card swipe on all major credit & debit cards until January 1!

Soldsie is Integrating With Magento

Article: World’s First Social Selling Platform, Soldsie, Targets Brands With New Advancements
Source: Forbes

Ever wanted to buy something that you’ve seen on an Instagram photo, but don’t know where to get it? Well with social shopping, you can buy what you see on your social media feeds! That’s exactly what Soldsie does, and this week, they announced that they are expanding their social selling presence by integrating with Magento! Over 1,500 stores are already using Soldsie, but with their integration with Magento, they will be able to gain more visibility as over 240,000 people use Magento! Will social selling be the future of eCommerce?

Pixbi Officially Enters the In-Ad Shopping Space

Article: Pixbi’s New In-Ad Shopping App is Pretty Cool (If You Don’t Mind the Typing)
Source: VentureBeat

This week, a new app was announced in hopes to make mobile ads more shoppable. Pixbi is the latest competitor in the in-add shopping space. Their app will allow consumers purchase products directly from an ad, such as a pair of jeans from a magazine ad. So far, the company is working with nearly 100 retailers, including Target and Nordstrom. However, if they really want to dominate the space, they’re going to need to make the checkout process quick and easy. Which it hasn’t been able to do yet, customers still need to enter their credit card, shipping and billing information each time they checkout.

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