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This Week in eCommerce:
April 28 – May 2

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Major players in the tech world are revealing their strategies as Groupon, Paypal and Facebook put their strategies in motion. Look out Costco, look out Sam’s Club! Groupon launches its online bulk-shopping site Groupon Basics. PayPal overhauls its brand and refocuses its initiatives on mobile, in an effort to strengthen its position against the growing number of rivals in the mobile payments market. Lastly, there speculation surrounding Facebook founder’s key note at f8 of an eCommerce API for third-party websites, and potential app testing with Parse. Read the summaries or read the full article in our Weekly Wrap Up.

Groupon launches online bulk-shopping site

Article: Groupon launches a bulk-shopping service
Source: Internet Retailer

The popularity of online deals and eCommerce has encouraged Groupon to expand its horizons and enhance their market strategy. The daily deal site launched Groupon Basics this week, offering bulk-shopping services that will compete with industry players like Costco and Sam’s Club. Groupon aims to be the place where shoppers can purchase bulk goods online. Groupon Basics does not require a paid membership and offers a lower free shipping threshold (at least $25). Presently Groupon Basics carries a limited array of household, personal care, health and wellness items. Over time the daily deal company will expand its inventory and add other categories.

PayPal Gets a Shiny New Look

Article: PayPal Burnishes Brand Image As Mobile Use Surges
Source: Reuters

Forrester Research forecasts the mobile payment market to reach $90 billion by 2017. PayPal’s shiny new look attempts to sway attention away from the competition, by making it simple and suitable for mobile phones. The growing number of rivals in the mobile payments market prompted eBay Inc. to overhaul PayPal’s branding. The company’s rebranding comes as PayPal shifts its focus toward mobile phones, which is a fast-growing market that enables shoppers to make a purchase with their Smartphones.

Facebook F8 Developer Conference

Article: Looks Like Facebook Will Make eCommerce and User Testing Announcements AT F8
Source: TechCrunch

Any time the tech/ eCommerce industry come together you know there will be some sort of announcement. Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote presentation is anticipated to make eCommerce and user testing announcements at the F8 Developer conference. There is speculation around an eCommerce API for third-party websites, mobile sites and mobile apps to add Autofill with Facebook. This feature will allow Facebook-logged in eCommerce customers to instantly fill in checkout with information stored on file with Facebook. In addition, TechCrunch expects Facebook to unveil a partnership between Parse, which could let developers on Parse easily pay for their apps and get usability and A/B testing and more. For highlights from the event check out Mashable recap.

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