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Webinar Recap:
Measuring and Improving Customer Retention in eCommerce

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We recently presented a webinar on Measuring and Improving Customer Retention in eCommerce alongside Tenzing. We shared some of the most important metrics in eCommerce and how to calculate them, along with actionable retention strategies for your online store. We had a fantastic turnout, which lead to a great Q&A session at the end. A big thanks to Graham Leckie, Sr Manager Operations and Special Projects, and Jamie Schreter, VP Strategy, for leading the webinar and discussion!

Some highlights of the presentation include:

– Important metrics to measure when the judging effectiveness of your retention programs
– 9 actionable strategies to improve retention and increase lifetime value of a customer
– Why Google Analytics isn’t enough for your online store
– How to measure lifetime value of a customer, is there a mathematical formula?

Use #DemacChat to join the conversation on customer retention, and for future events run by the Demac Media team. What we love more than eCommerce, is talking about it! If you’re interested in regular eCommerce discussion in the city, join our eCommerce Toronto Meetup group.

For a full recording of the webinar, check out the video below! (Special note: recording starts 2 minutes into the conversation, don’t worry, you only missed the introductions, the full webinar is still there to enjoy!)

If you’d like a copy of the slide deck, click on the button below, and be sure to checkout more webinars coming soon from your friends at Demac Media!

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