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Using Listrak Databases and Facebook Power Editor for Ad Targeting

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The Facebook Power Editor is an application in Facebook Ads much like the Google Adwords Editor. Both platforms are designed to effectively create and edit PPC campaigns on a larger scale in less time. The one feature that stood out to me, one that I briefly heard about at an InboundTO meetup, was the ability to upload your email list into Facebook and target those email accounts with their Facebook profiles (assuming that email is associated with both accounts). Sounds pretty creepy right?

While a majority of email marketing platforms have the ability to export lists into different file formats, I will be instructing users of Listrak, an eCommerce specific email marketing platform.

Step 1: Listrak Export Wizard

From the Home Dashboard, hover over to Contacts in the main navigation bar and select Export List Wizard. This will take you to your list of contacts and give you the options to export the list into a .CSV or .XLS file.

Cancel the initial pop up that gives you the export option and scroll to the bottom of the page and select Edit Filter.

Step 2: Applying A Filter (Optionally Mandatory)

Okay I admit that I made up the term “optionally mandatory”, but I really didn’t want this step to be considered “optional”. Technically I could have said “recommended” but I am sticking to my made up terminology. 🙂

Applying a filter allows you to define a list you wish to market to without just blasting all of your contacts (which is very typical is a shotgun marketing effort).

The first field you will need to define is the “Category” (sample below)

Next up is the “Field

The “Field” defines the values you wish to set that preps you for the next step which is selecting the “Operator

Values define the activity and engagement your email subscribers have historical responded with. An example of a filter after you define these 3 key areas would be:

Category = Customer Metrics
Field = Order Count
Operator = Is Greater than
Final Field = 1

Eureka! You have filtered your list down to subscribers who have purchased at least once.

Step 3: Exporting the List

Once you have your list, it is time to complete the export and save your contacts. At the very top of the export list wizard, you’ll see the export button. Click that, and select the format you with to save it in.

Once you click next, Listrak will give you the option to open it via the Web or Email. Your account should have an email associated to it, so I usually send the list to my via email and open the file there.

Now that you have your list, it’s time to dump it into Facebook.

**Note**: I use the Facebook Power Editor in Google Chrome as it is compatible with that browser. I have not tried it on other browsers so I don’t want to take sides here and say which to use.

Step 4: Log into Facebook Ads

If you are a Facebook Advertiser, knowing how to access your ads is pretty self explanatory. But for new comers, hit the top right corner Gear Icon and choose Manage Ads in the drop-down.

Included in this step will be accessing the Power Editor. Once you land in your Facebook Ads Dashboard, choose the Power Editor in the left hand navigation menu.

Step 5: Creating a Custom Audience

In the Power Editor Dashboards left navigation menu is where you access “Audiences”. This will take you to the dashboard where you can create and manage your lists. Select “Custom Audience

**Note**: When you are uploading your list, you would have saved it into a .CSV or .XLS. This will give you some compatibility issues. Before dumping the list into Facebook, copy and paste your lists into a .txt file and save it as a plain text file.

And you’re done!

When you are creating ads and setting your targeting methods, you will be able to select the lists you created during ad creation. Use this feature very diligently since you don’t want to rely on blasting the same eyes over and over.

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