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Ultimate List of Fantastic Free Resources for Designers

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Design & User Experience, eCommerce

This is the Ultimate List of Fantastic Resources (large 1930s voice with echo) that I have collected over the years as an Art Director/Designer to help you speed up your process and improve theme sales! Mmmm resources…
Let’s-a-go! DM-Ultimate-Free-Resources-List
Resources used in above image: Background image from & Vintage Logo Collection from

Why should I use free images, resources and fonts?

These type of free to use royalty-free photos are great when your designing themes for say Shopify. But why should I use free images when my company has a subscription to a stock site? Glad you asked! One of the biggest let downs when selling themes is when a person purchases your theme only to find all the great content you showed isn’t included 🙁 Boo-urns right? By using free to use images the customer will dance with joy as all of the great images you used will be included in their download. Dummy content is key for ease of use and people will happily let everyone know how great your theme is and how easy it is to set up. Below is a great collection of free to use images, free design resources to help speed up your process, and some awesome great free fonts everyone can use when they purchase your awesome themes. If you want to get right to the master list scroll or you can fast track here.

To bookmark this page hit:
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Unsplash is a really great resource for hi resolution photography with lots of variety. Every 10 days they add another 10 fantastic photos to their already impressively large list!. They also have a fun part of their site where designers can upload their artwork showcasing one of the image resources they used from unsplash. Check it out as well! Really great inspiration if your stuck for ideas.

Creative Market

Creative Market is a platform for handcrafted, mouse made design content from independent creatives around the world. They have a ton of really talented people creating easy to use products. The best part? They have a feature every single week where they give away 3 items for free, then if you also like them on Facebook you unlock an additional 3 free files! Creative Market is definitely bookmark worthy. How can’t you go wrong with 6 free products ranging from photography, logo templates, and full blown wordpress themes. Great to add to any designer’s arsenal!


PicJumbo is another great source for hi resolution photography featuring tons of different categories. This site is still fairly new so most of the images are by Viktor Hanacek, BUT quite a few people are starting to contribute as well! The featured image above was supplied by Foodie’s Feed (Jakub K.) Another great one to bookmark because it will constantly grow a community.

New Old Stock

New Old Stock is different from all the other free photo sites. Why? Because they are awesome vintage images from yesteryear that are now free straight from the public archives. These types of images are extremely hard to come by on a traditional stock site and plays extremely well to the hand written typography poster trend that has emerged. Warning you will loose track of time scrolling to see all the great vintage photos.

Graphic Burger


Graphic Burger is by far one of my favourite resources for free resources. They have a really huge collection that is extremely well organized. Also they feature the work of some of the top shops from Creative Market and let you have it for free! There mockup section has amazing photography that are extremely easy to use files and get your work with a few clicks.

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