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Twitter for eCommerce: Tips and Tricks

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How can you encourage customers to follow your business and connect with you on Twitter? Read below to find out how!

Twitter has become not only a convenient social media tool but also an important marketing tool that enables you to connect with customers effectively, by delivering short and concise messages.

Twitter can be a powerful tool for all eCommerce store owners. Although, the 140-character message can limit a business, it makes messages to customers brief as well as more targeted. If used wisely, Twitter can be a combination of knowledge, business promotion and even inject a little bit of fun to encourage customers to interact with your business on more casual level.

The most effective thing an eCommerce store can do with Twitter, is simply communicating with its following. Sure, you can tell Twitterverse about sales, and answer questions, but what’s really going to grow your following is daily and continuous “small-talk” –  talking about anything and everything with your following. Of course you always want to bring it back around and have it relate to whatever your business focuses on (eg. apparel, food, personal care products etc), but in the end people are people. So treat them like a normal person. Start a conversation!

Things to Consider

– Learning Before You Tweet. If you are new to social media, there is a lot of helpful information available for newbies on Twitter, so it is strongly recommended to learn, before you start tweeting.

– Personalizing Your Profile. Your profile should be unique in personality, memorable to the customers and easy to understand. The information should be relevant and interesting and don’t forget your website address! Another very important part of your profile is your profile picture. DON’T tweet with the default Egg picture, that decreases the overall authenticity of your account.

– Draw Attention To Your Business. Most of the customers like visual presentation so upload pictures and backgrounds to your Twitter profile.

– Make It Personal and Easy To digest. If you want to deliver a business message, do it on a personal level in order to connect your customers. Ask for opinions and offer fun tips or witty advice.

– Share a Good Story. People love to read stories, and better yet, people love to share great stories. Your business will be remembered more if you connect it with an interesting event or story.

– Make a Follower Feel Special. You can offer special links, references and Twitter deals just for your followers. Link directly from your website to encourage customers to follow you and stay connected.

– Refrain from Total Automation. Twitter should be personal enough not to become a robot, so don’t rely purely on automation. The use of social sync tools and auto-follow programs should be limited.

– Be Consistent Across All Social Platforms. Customers will find you on other social sites so make sure you use the same profile picture and present the same personality as well as messaging across social media sites.

What Else Can You Tweet?

– Sales, discounts, and new products
– Ask fun questions
– Ask for opinions on which new prototype your Twitter community likes best
– Ask about their favorite products and brands
– Offer to send them free stuff
– Tweet fun pictures of your products and ask your followers to do the same
– Tweet recent blog posts
– Interesting & related YouTube videos are great
– Famous quotes that are related to your industry

Although managing your Twitter account can be a challenge at times, if it’s done effectively it can have some pretty big pay offs in the end. Having a more involved and interactive online community can lead to increased sales and a stronger brand recognition. So what are you waiting for? Get tweeting!

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