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Toronto’s Tech Scene and the Growth of eCommerce in Canada

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Toronto is a thriving world-class metropolis, in both its global visibility and local accomplishments. It is ethnically rich, economically diverse, hosts of films and festivals, home to respective schools and a magnet to corporations both large and small. All these things have put Toronto in the lime light, but there is an important segment waiting for it’s time to shine, and that’s Toronto vibrant startup technology community!

Those familiar with the community will tell you that it boasts some of the brightest minds in the business, from entrepreneurs, to mentors and financiers. In many respects, it can be compared to the emerging technology communities in New York City or Tel Aviv. The difference, however, is that Toronto lacks both local public awareness and a unifying voice and identity for its indigenous startup community.

But don’t take our word for it! Our friends at Niche Identity created a film that provides some insight for what’s taking place in the Toronto tech culture today! Specifically, this video is focused on the growth of eCommerce in Toronto and across Canada. Demac Media was lucky enough to be featured in this video alongside Canada Post, comScore, and George Brown College.

Check it out!

Toronto’s Tech Scene and the Growth of eCommerce in Canada

The localization of Canadian eCommerce

From a Canadian consumer perspective, eCommerce has been so big in the US and overseas for such a long time that Canadians are now trained to just go to sites like Amazon, and Zappos, when they start their online shopping. But as eCommerce grows in Canada, Canadians are starting to feel more localized when they’re doing their searches, whether they are using Google, Bing or any of the search networks for that matter. For example, consumers are now looking for car seats that they can buy in Burlington, Ontario as opposed to automatically thinking they have to go online to Babies R Us and have products shipped across the border. This is because Canadian companies are beginning to optimize their websites and form their strategies to be more local. Even if merchants do not have a brick and mortar presence coast-to-coast within Canada, the fact that they’re offering an online channel for customers, Canadian consumers are now realizing that the service is readily available here in our home and native land.

Merchants aren’t the only ones getting into the eCommerce game in our country. Even companies like Canada Post are starting to provide better services for businesses who sell online. You can see a lot of their marketing is now focused on parcel delivery, as letter mail begins to be phased out. Canada Post even has a dedicated team for eCommerce, where they are helping merchants provide better shipping services and help lower overall shipping costs for their customers. Demac Media’s Canada Post Integration is just one example of how Canada Post is integrating themselves into the eCommerce growth that’s happening here in Canada. With options like ship to a local Post Office, print shipping labels in the backend, and on-site shipment tracking, we’re making delivery easier, and a better experience for merchants and customers alike!

Canada Post: a startup?


Did you know that Canada Post was once a startup itself? This was 150 years ago, but it began as a startup none-the-less! Canada Post is now a leading provider of electronic commerce and customer communications solutions. The Crown Corporation is playing a pivotal role in helping eCommerce grow in the Canadian economy. It even opened a department inside its offices focusing directly on tech startups. Canada Post has also made many investments in their technology so they can get parcels in and out of the door as fast as possible. They want to change as mail changes! They’ve seen a almost a double digit increase in the instance of online shopping and parcels going through their system. In fact, last year they hit a million parcels delivered in one day. Stats like these really start to show the rise (and importance) of parcel delivery as well as the growth of eCommerce in Canada!

eCommerce in Canada and beyond

eCommerce in Canada is an exciting industry to be a part of, and we’re excited to see where it takes us. Huge thanks to Niche Identity for creating this video and helping to bring more awareness to not only the Toronto tech startup scene, but to the cool folks at Canada Post for all their amazing initiatives that is helping accelerate the growth of eCommerce in Canada!

Let’s keep it going Canada!

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