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Toronto eCommerce Forum
& Dx3 2014 – Recap

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Last week was a busy one, but for many exciting reasons! First off, we hosted a Toronto eCommerce Forum Party the night before Dx3, and then exhibited the next two days at Dx3 Canada! A lot happened in those three days, so we thought it would be best to do a quick recap to share our experiences and our CEO’s talk that he gave at Dx3!

Pre-Dx3 Toronto eCommerce Forum


Bringing the Toronto eCommerce Community Together

If you’re not familiar with how we run our eCommerce Forums, it’s essentially a night for merchants to come together and interact with one another as well as get some one-on-one time with our sponsors to have their questions answered. We always try to ensure that we have one sponsor representing a major part of the eCommerce ecosystem. For example, this year we had Shopify (platform), Canada Post (shipping), AffiliateTraction (marketing), and SLI Systems (site search) be a part of our event.


Format of our forums

Our forums usually begin with our CEO, Matthew Bertulli welcoming everyone and quickly introducing each sponsor. A representative from each sponsor then comes up, and gives a little background information about their company and introduce any cool, new things they’re doing and how it relates to eCommerce. Then Matt closes the presentation portion and encourages everyone to keep on chatting and discussing all things commerce. Oh, and we make sure there’s plenty of food and drink to go around!


Like what you see? Click here to view more photos from the event!

Recap Video – Toronto eCommerce Forum

Didn’t get a chance to attend, or want to relive the night? Check out this video to get an inside look into what our eCommerce Forums are all about!

Dx3 2014

Exhibiting @ Dx3 Canada

Dx3 was a 2-day whirlwind trade-show of all things digital in Canada. We exhibited for the second year in a row, and were able once again to meet some pretty cool people! This year, Dx3 had a larger retail focus with their Retail Collective space, and their Mobile Innovation Store. Check them out here:



The 5 Things You Need To Know About Responsive Design

Our CEO, Matthew Bertulli, had the opportunity to once again speak at Dx3, and this year decided to do a joint talk with Ben Burmaster, President and Founder of Snuggle Bugz (one of Demac Media’s clients!). Matt and Ben shared the 5 Things You Need To Know About Responsive Design In eCommerce, and framed the talk around the Snuggle Bugz Responsive Design Project that was completed in 2013. Their presentation focused on their key learnings from “going Responsive” and how other merchants could learn from their mistakes.




Following their talk, we opened the floor for some questions, where fellow merchants and eCommerce professionals shared how ecstatic they were that such information was so openly shared.



For more pictures from Dx3, check out the album on our Facebook page.

Matt and Ben’s “5 Things” Presentation

To view Matt and Ben’s presentation, check it out below:

Have you gone responsive with your online store? If so, what were some of your challenges during the process? Leave your comments in the section below! We’d love to hear what other merchants are experiencing when it comes to UX changes.

Looking for regular eCommerce discussion in Toronto?


If you’re looking for regular eCommerce discussion here in Toronto then you should become a member of our eCommerce Toronto Meetup group! It’s a roundtable discussion group, where we pick a part a different topic under the umbrella of eCommerce on the first or second Thursday of the month within the MaRS Discovery District (College & University).

Here’s a little preview:

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