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Top Holiday Social Media Trends for 2014

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The fourth and final quarter of the year is here! What does this mean for business owners and marketers? It means that the biggest shopping season is in full swing, a chance to get your business ahead before the start of the new year. You invest a lot of your time into your business, and want to take advantage of everyone’s holiday spirits by directing them to your online store. Good news for retailers, in 2013 it is reported that the average number of visits to inbound eCommerce websites on Cyber Monday grew 102%! Social media strategy is key when it comes to directing traffic to your site and increasing your sales. The best way to start is to look at what other marketers are planning to do on social media. Learn where and how you need to be investing your time this Holiday season on social media with this infographic!

Holiday trends infographic

Source: Offer Pop

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