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Top 5 Innovative eCommerce Sites

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Design & User Experience

If you have read some of my previous posts or know me personally, you’ll know that I’m currently going through “Olympic Withdrawal”. Being an athlete teaches you a lot about your body and mind, training, resting and how your body responds to different efforts. One really important term in sports training is periodization.

Periodization is the systematic planning of athletic or physical training.
The aim is to reach the best possible performance in the most important competition of the year.

When I first started working at Demac Media one of my personal goals was to become an expert on User Experience (UX) in the eCommerce field. To do so I decided to apply my sport training knowledge and use periodization to achieve my goals. My short term goals where:

  • Read books about UX
  • Read about eCommerce trends
  • Learn about new technologies that could be easily translated to what I do
  • I browse the internet for cool sites and articles

    Doing my job (or what some people may think I’m just web browsing) I stumble upon sites that immediately get my attention. They have great user experience and you can clearly see they focused a lot on the small details. All of that translates into users being more confident in the online purchasing experience. It’s not easy to give away your credit card details to a site that doesn’t give you confidence on how your data is going to be used or the quality of the products you’ll receive from this purchase, (that is if you haven’t seen it before).

    Internet usage growth and the increasing availabilities of eCommerce sites, bring challenges to small & medium size retailers. Not only do small and medium sized merchants want to bring attention to their site, but they also want to increase sales while maintaining an attractive looking site. User experience should be fluid and give sense of security. Paired with great return policies & shipping prices you’re in the road to eCommerce Success.

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    5 innovative eCommerce sites

    The following is a list of 5 innovative eCommerce sites that do an amazing job with their Design and UX. If you know of another site that should be in this article, don’t be shy leave a comment and surely I will take a look & give you my feedback.

    20 Jeans

    20Jeans x DSTLD is a LA-based premium denim company with a rule-breaking business model – designing and crafting upmarket, designer-caliber jeans for a fraction of the going rate.

    Jeans, jeans & jeans. That is what this site is all about. Images, showcasing their products all over the place. Buying Jeans online can be a little bit tricky if you don’t know how they fit or unsure about the different varieties of jeans out there today. Skinny Jeans, Slim Jeans, Straight Jeans. Am I supposed to know the difference? Don’t worry. 20jeans shows how they will look & how you can combine them with different shoes. They also go a bit beyond and offer a small detail of what each jean means; i.e. Skinny Jeans: Sits Bellow the waist, slim-skinny fit, tapered leg. They take it a step beyond just showcasing the product.

    Their product detail page. also has a full background image with alternate views and different colour options. They’ve also made this site responsive. All the elements are continueous and the experience remains consistent.

    What they are missing is some social media love in their product page:



    Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 8.29.40 AM


    Luxury footwear brand OluKai teamed up with Cuker to perform a complete overhaul on their website. now features a mobile-first responsive design, delivering a cohesive brand experience.

    What I liked about their site is the simplicity of their product view page. They have removed all the clutter that sometimes is common in most of the eCommerce sites and they have highlighted the product. The product page is so simple that it is easy to make it into a mobile site without compromising any detail.

    Don’t be fooled though, the product detail page contains all the data that any complex website has: Breadcrumbs, color selector, size selector, alternate product images, product details & features, review

    Their social media buttons seem a little bit rough compared to the cleanliness of the entire site



    Social Shopping sites have been around for a few years now. Most of them require registration before entering a site and making any purchase. Massdrop is a new social shopping site that promises to bring more people into eCommerce by buying directly from the manufacturer. As a result, everybody in the group gets the large quantity price while only having to buy one (or two, or ten).

    Certain content blocks differ from a common B2C sites. Massdrop has paid a lot of attention to this detail as they’ve incorporated it along with a lot of iconography on their site. Such is the case of: Highlighted sale prices, discount percentage, Number of buyers vs price offer, Time left before the offer expires, number of comments.

    Social buying or Bulk shopping is about discounted prices and product quality. What Massdrop has accomplished is the ability to find a great balance between the products they offer and the discounts they achieve among manufacturers. All this, coupled with great website design that is easy to read & navigate, no matter the level of web expertise.

    One thing I would change is their user engagement process. Right now they force you to submit your email before showcasing any products or offers. This could be misleading & also make users suspicious of the content that comes ahead.





    Folks is an independent shop online where you can find clothes, shoes, accessories, vinyls and books. All products are selected with love from most known international brands.

    Again another clean site. Attention to detail and simple icons that resemble the mobile menu buttons we are all getting used to. From the moment you land on the home page you experience the simplicity with details presented throughout the entire site. A huge full size background image showing the road ahead and highlighting the brand, and a SHOP ONLINE button at the end, to let users know more content is available beyond the fold.

    Folks is making use of social media as they have included the company’s Instagram feed on the homepage. To the untrained eye this may seem like a photo gallery. However if you hover on the photo you’ll realize that is has more content & details and that’s actually content provided throu their Instagram feed. Having a consumer segment that frequently uses social media, I’d say they have chosen a great platform to integrate onto their site.





    Personal transport system that is so simple to use that it requires no training whatsoever!

    Personally being an active athlete I’d much rather bike or walk than use these products; however, after seeing this site and all the details displayed for each unit, I can’t deny this sounds really interesting.

    They have done a good job in showcasing their product on the homepage first and lead to a shopping page at the end. It’s kind of: this is what we do, if you like us, buy one

    Associated products on the Product View page are also really important to each unit, and the site highlight this really well. 2014-3-3 8 13 25







    What Will Impact The Future UX & Design?

    As younger generations spend more time on the Internet than watching TV, it’s not hard to say that Internet is the future (no need to quote me on this). My generation spent more time watching TV series on big old screens. Today almost every household owns a computer & a tablet (at the least). So why don’t you step up your game and think about building your eCommerce site? Be warned though, is not an easy industry but if you need help and are looking for some guys with knowledge about eCommerce contact us. We might be able to help you.

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