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Top 5 eCommerce Design Elements

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We have done a ton of eCommerce web design here at Demac Media. Although it’s often a service we provide our clients, there are times when the design is done out of house and passed over to us by the client. When this is the case, we like to go over the design to make sure the most important elements are a) placed correctly for conversion and, b) are designed to stand out.

What are the most important design elements, you might ask? Here is a list of the top 5:

1. Shopping Cart

The cart should always be located in the top right hand corner of your site. This placement of the cart has proven to be the best for conversion.

There are cart colours that are great for conversion (green and orange) and ones you should stay away from (red and black). Keeping a separate colour that is used only for the cart allows for this crucial element to stand out. This colour would also be used for any ‘add to cart’ buttons used throughout the rest of the site.

2. Search

There are several ways a customer might shop your site. One of them is by using the search. The ideal location for the search is in the header, either centered or right justified for the best user experience.

3. Social Media & Contact Info

You might not think that social media and contact info directly affect conversion rates, but they do. By providing contact information, it reassures the customer that you are indeed a real company and you can be contacted if something goes wrong. Social media elements reinforce this and also allows you to further build your brand and online presence. Both of these elements are often included in the footer (sometimes also at the top of your header) as well as give your site credibility.

4. Main Menu

The main menu should be easy to read and easy to use. Dropdowns that are organized are a good way to build upon the main categories you choose to include in your main navigation. Be sure that the font is clear and easy to read and don’t cram in too many top level categories.

5. Products

Products should always be included on the home page. Not only is this great for SEO, but it also shows first-time customers that you actually sell a product. This seems to be more of a problem for Canadian companies as they often already have an online presence but are now beginning to add eCommerce to their sites.

How you organize the data in the product listing is also important. We like to use the ‘quick zoom’ feature, and make sure that both the image and the text are clickable.

So there you have it. A quick list of the most important design elements for an eCommerce site.

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