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Tis’ the Season for a Holiday Code Freeze

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The holiday season is here and customers are in the shopping mood. The countdown is on for most to get all those lists complete – decorations, gifts, planning holiday parties and as a result, for the majority of online retailers, this is the most important time of year. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, holiday countdown promotions, shipping deals….customers are all rushing to get orders in on time and get the best deal!

So you have been planning these holiday promotions and campaigns for months and all this hard work is coming into play. With so much riding on the increased sales this time of year it is also important to minimize risk and implement a freeze on any new development projects or site changes. Now is the time to ensure that the extra traffic is converting on your site, it is not the time to be making changes that can be confusing to the customers or worse…result in errors or downtime.

So if there is no development to be done on the site, what are you spending your site time on?

1. Bug fixes and clean up

How many small bugs or site tweaks have been on the to-do list for way too long? Now is the time get through the list and make the site its best. Spend this opportunity where no major development work is being done to work through these items.

2. Planning

So many projects get rushed to meet aggressive deadlines. This time of year should be used to plan out the marketing strategy for the New Year. Determine the upcoming development projects and start the planning now.  Working through these plans earlier will allow you to get a jump start in the New Year.

So ensure this peak shopping season goes smoothly and focus your efforts cleaning and planning. Use the time wisely and get the New Year off to a good start.

Happy Holidays!

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