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This Week in eCommerce
December 5 – 9

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We are back with another edition of This week in eCommerce features the latest news and blogs around eCommerce. This week I wanted to seek out articles and blogs that contained some great content and fantastic advice. There are so many great resources on the web with tips on best practices, eCommerce statistics and fun facts. Here is a list of blogs and articles posted this week in eCommerce.

5 Ways to Attract More Customer Reviews


For the most part when you land on an eCommerce homepage, the site will display a catalog of featured products or weekly deals. This article talks about the importance of customer reviews have not only on your product, but on SEO ranking, customer trust and conversions.

Mobile E-Commerce Driving Holiday Spending: Time For More Retailers and Media To Respond


Here are a few current statistics on holiday shopping and the obvious signs of eCommerce growth. In this article Diane Mermigas identifies emerging spaces for retailers, business owners and media professionals to focus their marketing efforts and resources on. Numbers do not lie, and the growth rate of online consumers using their mobiles to browse and shop is a great opportunity to grow your online business.

The 20 Most Expensive Keywords


One of the biggest concerns when setting up an Adwords campaign is the Cost Per Click. As a search marketer and business owner you have to be willing to spend and set bids you feel is appropriate and will result in customer acquisitions and quality traffic. For anyone who has a general interest on what kind of value certain keywords have, this list displays the Top 20 most expensive keywords to bid for on Google.

Intuit’s SimpleStore Adds E-Commerce to your Facebook Page


A few weeks back when I first started the weekly editions of This Week in eCommerce, I posted a launch by Ondango that allows business owners to set up a social shopping platform through Facebook. In the Canadian eCommerce market, Intuit launched an eCommerce add-on to their simple store allowing merchants to securely sell products in Facebook.

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