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This Week in eCommerce
September 2 – 6

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We continue our Weekly Wrap Up Series with another collection of articles that highlight some of the biggest eCommerce stories circulating the web. This week some announcements in Canadian eCommerce, Target to offer in store pick up for online orders and big news on the growing eCommerce market in China. To view this week’s top stories, check out the summaries with links below!

Canada Post and Magento Team Up to Boost Online Experience

Article: Canada Post eCommerce Solutions: Delivering Seamless Shopping Experiences
Source: Financial Post
Canadian eCommerce continues to enjoy double-digit annual growth with sales estimated at $21.45 billion in 2012 and is expected to continue to grow to $35 billion by 2016. The key to standing out in an increasingly competitive eCommerce landscape is to consistently deliver beyond the expectations for a simple convenient online shopping experience. Our friends at Canada Post have teamed up with Magento, the world’s largest leading eCommerce solutions platform in order to make it easier for online retailers to provide customers a seamless, flexible and convenient online shopping experience. Canada Post is Canada’s preferred shipping and logistics company for online shoppers.

Target Offers In-Store Pickup for Online Purchases

Article: Target Says it Will Offer In-Store Pickup of Web Orders
Source: Internet Retailer
Following the lead of retailers like Staples Inc, Walmart Stores Inc, and Gap Inc., Target plans to offer in-store pick up for items purchased online at Since the initial site launch in 1999, attracts approximately 26.9 million unique visitors on a monthly basis. With the holiday season fast approaching, Target will kick start the program for select items in Minneapolis area in the fall with plans to expand the program.

China is Predicted to Surpass U.S eCommerce in 2013

Article: Bain Predicts China Will Overtake the U.S in eCommerce This Year
Source: Internet Retailer
China’s enthusiastic adaptation of eCommerce and the digital shopping is predicted to position the country as the No.1 eCommerce market in the world surpassing the American market. Last year Chinese consumers spent 1.3 trillion yuan ($210 billion) online and is on schedule to reach 3.3 trillion yuan ($540 billion). Since 2009 to 2012, China’s eCommerce market boasts a 71% compounded annual growth and is expected to continue to grow another 32% from 2013 to 2015.

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