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This Week in eCommerce
September 16 – 20

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This week we bring you a compilation of articles on topics surrounding the wonderful world of eCommerce. This week increasing brand awareness is directly related to how engaged your customers are. Find out how customer reviews and Word-of-Mouth marketing is good for eCommerce. Canada Post is now offering Same-Day Delivery for online orders. Take a look at how eMail marketing campaigns are impacted by Gmail In-Boxes, read about The Gap’s omnichannel strategy with Ship From Store and lastly 5 Surprising Places where eCommerce is Growing. To view this week’s top stories check out the post below!

Customer Reviews and Word of Mouth Marketing

Article: Why Every eCommerce Needs Customer Reviews
Source: Ecommerce Rules

Increasing brand awareness is directly related to how engaged your customers are with your social media. Consumers love having their voices heard and expressing their opinions on companies and products, even if its not so positive. But taking advantage of word-of mouth marketing with written reviews can take your eCommerce to new levels. For the consumer, reading customer reviews are simply part of the purchasing process. 72% of shoppers surveyed said they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Canada Post offers Same-Day Delivery for Online Orders

Article: Canada Post Launches Same-day Delivery for Online Shoppers in the GTA

Canada Post launches a new pilot project dedicated to offering same-day delivery for online shoppers in the GTA. The program is called Delivered Tonight. For those who have forgotten to pick up a birthday gift for some one special and don’t have time to go to the store, try out Canada Post’s newest program being offered by select retailers. Canada Post promises to deliver parcels on the evening that the order is placed online. Only select stores will be participating in this pilot project including Best Buy, Future Shop, Indigo and

How Are eMail Marketing Campaigns Impacted by Gmail In-Boxes?

Article: Retailers Fight Exile From Gmail In-Boxes
Source: The New York Times

“Even in an age of Twitter posts and Instagram photos, e-mail is still the way marketers reach the hearts – and wallets- of consumers.” – The New York Times.

Retailers are up in arms in Google’s latest changes to Gmail. The Internet giant introduced a new in-box format that includes an assortment of folders that filters messages based on category. Unfortunately for online marketers, this small change has the potential to negatively impact the effectiveness of email campaigns and the way customers are reached. Online retailers fear that fewer customers are clicking on their sites because customers do not read campaign emails. So how are retailers coping? Companies are asking customers to move their messages back to the primary in-box in order to ensure their messages aren’t filtered to lower priority.

Gap Inc.’s Omnichannel Strategy

Article: How Gap Connects Store and Online Channels
Source: InformationWeek

In 2012, Gap developed a special algorithm known as Ship From Store, that lets online shoppers buy directly from store inventory. The challenge is that the eCommerce system would bog down if it had to reference the inventory of every store. Gap’s Senior VP of IT Paul Chapman says the “secret sauce” is identifying which store to include. Additionally participating stores will need to be equipped and trained to receive an order and ship the goods just like a fulfillment distribution center. Ship From Store began at Gap stores and then later added to the eCommerce systems of Banana Republic and Athleta. As a result, Gap reported higher-than-expected earnings for Q2 2013.

eCommerce Growth

Article: 5 Surprising Places Where eCommerce is Taking Off
Source: Mashable

What are the key indicators that a country is poised for eCommerce growth? According to a new study form Forester Research, it is not the country’s population size, income per capita, or the number of residents spending on retail merchandise on a yearly basis. It’s a combination of factors that signal immediate eCommerce opportunity. There are a few signals that positively indicate that a country is ready for eCommerce growth. Check out Mashable’s Top 10 List of eCommerce companies poised for eCommerce expansion.

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