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This Week in eCommerce
October 7 – 11

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This week’s Weekly Wrap Up brings you a compilation of articles that highlight news and events of the eCommerce industry. This week, Amazon launched a login and payment button ‘Pay with Amazon’, Free shipping is much more effective in encouraging customers to come back to your site, insight into the Mobile Purchasing Habits of Men and Women and lastly, PayPal announced Payment code, an app that allows merchants to accept payment through scanning a QR code. Check out the post below for a summary of this week’s headlines.

Login and Pay with Amazon

Article: Amazon’s ‘Login and Pay with Amazon’ Service Challenges PayPal For The Web’s Payment Business
Source: TechCrunch

In an effort to capture a significant portion of the web’s payment business, Amazon launched Login and Pay with Amazon. Amazon’s new payment button will compete with one of the industry’s bigger third-party payment options, PayPal. Online shoppers will begin to see ‘Pay with Amazon’ buttons alongside credit cards and PayPal buttons. Customers will now be able to log in on a partner site using their Amazon credentials. Its ‘A-to-Z Guarantee’ offer online shoppers the same protection as they get on This new check out feature will leverage the trust that people have in the Amazon name that will likewise be transferred to Amazon’s third-party payment business.

Does Free Shipping Draw Consumers Back to Your Site?

Article: Free shipping, More Than Fast Shipping, Draws Consumers Back
Source: Internet Retailer

According to Forrester Research Inc., for web shoppers, free shipping trumps fast shipping. The study finds that low prices and low delivery costs are among the top two reasons a consumer will revisit an eCommerce site. While fast shipping ranked 14th among the reasons a consumer will revisit an eCommerce site. 53% of respondents say low-cost shipping is an important reason why customers would switch to different online retailer.

Mobile Purchasing Habits of Men and Women

Article: Men outpace women on mobile purchases but not for long: report
Source: Mobile Commerce Daily

22.2% of men have made a purchase on their smartphone compared to 18.2% of women, according to SeeWhy. This report states that these roles could soon change as women become more comfortable with mobile. SeeWhy found that 57% of women had made an online purchase in the last year while only 52% of men made a mobile purchase. Charles Nicholls, chief security officer/founder at SeeWhy says, “Women are much more price conscious, looking for a deal, men tend to be more research intensive, reading reviews, more analytical perhaps, but then having made that decision will make the purchase and at that point price and free shipping is less important. A major takeaway from this report is that mobile marketers need to begin thinking about their target audiences and whether or not they should consider gender in their strategies.

PayPal’s Payment Code: Shopping via QR Code

Article: Voice Recognition and No Wallet: PayPal’s Vision of the Future
Source: Entrepreneur

Imagine going to the store and purchasing your favorite items with out having to reach into your back pocket or purse? This week, PayPal announced Payment code, an app that allows merchants to accept payment through scanning a QR code that is automatically generated on a consumer’s smartphone. According to a report form PayPal’s senior director of corporate strategy and market intelligence, Scott Ellison suggests, a combination of increased smartphone usage, with the processing payment transactions in the cloud, and the improvement of sensor technology, will potentially lead to more transactions being processed without a consumer reaching for his or her wallet.

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