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This Week in eCommerce
October 31 – November 4

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In last weeks edition of This week in eCommerce I went over some industry news on how  e-tailers are preparing for their busiest time of the year. This week I return back to standard industry news on eCommerce and inbound marketing.

SEO beats PPC & Social Media for Generating Leads, Industry Report Says.


In a recent survey conducted on both B2B and B2C marketers, the results indicated that SEO is the number one source of lead generation. We’ve begun our own Secondary Market research to keep track of eCommerce Statistics in Canada and have not been surprised by the results SEO have shown. How should business owners allocate their marketing resources to effectively implement their online efforts?

Study of Canada’s eCommerce market continues


The eCommerce industry committee meets every Monday and Wednesday to discuss current trends and the future of the industry in Canada. Committee members from the Conservative, NDP and Liberal party continue the study of eCommerce trends and where the market is heading.

15 percent of Holiday shoppers will buy with their mobile devices


With the increase in mobile and tablet platform applications for shopping, this holiday seasons shopping habits will have consumers shift to using mobile devices to shop. Statistics recorded and compared to last years results from October have shown increases in both site visits using a mobile device, to the number of sales increases using a mobile device. How does the design and functionality of mobile shopping applications factor into the effectiveness of conversions on mobile platforms?

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