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This week in eCommerce
October 24 – 28

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This week is the one month mark leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. With retailers clearing their shelves of Halloween costumes and candy and stocking them with Christmas trees and ornaments, small business owners need to start looking at their online store as well.

2011 Shoppers Turning to Ecommerce Solutions.


While the economy still recovers from the downturn a few years back, eCommerce trends seem to rise slightly every year. This year especially experts are saying eCommerce solutions are going to have a big impact on holiday shopping.

11 Ecommerce Holiday Revenue Forecasts for 2011


Revenue forecasts is valuable information for small business and eCommerce owners to have when planning their holiday season marketing strategy. This report highlights annual growth rates, holiday shopping trends and some great guidelines on getting started for the holiday season.

Consumers have themselves a Mobile Little Holiday


Primary research data indicates that over 50% of smartphone owners plan to use their mobile devices to shop with this holiday season. Mobile applications and tools have been a great research tool the past few years. As mobile devices are becoming more shopper friendly, the impact they will have on holiday shopping will begin to show this holiday season.

Social Consumer and the Science of Sharing


The Social Consumer acts in different ways when searching for certain products using different channels of social media and search platforms. How will the Social Consumer evolve social media platforms over the years?

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