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This Week in eCommerce
October 21 – Nov 1

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This week we bring you a compilation of articles in and around the world of eCommerce. This week we say ‘goodbye’ to Halloween and ‘Hello!’ to the holidays. Major technology retailer Best Buy has come up with a unique way of combatting showrooming. Read the summary below and check out their latest holiday TV commercial for 2013. What do you think the future of retail look like? According to Retail consultancy WD Partners, its not Amazon. We’ve also found some interesting statistics on Canadian eCommerce. 48% of Canadians 65+ Are Online, contributing to the increase in the country’s Internet usage. Lastly, Canadians spent $18.9 billion on online goods and services in 2012 resulting in a 24% Increase in online spending.

The Blurred Lines of Retail & Digital Shopping

Article: Best Buy Tries to Get Ahead of Holiday Showrooming
Source: Internet Retailer
The line between physical and digital shopping is blurring. The phrase “showrooming” may be an overused retail industry catchphrase, but it still poses a problem for many retailers. One major retailer is taking advantage of this industry dilemma and putting their own spin on things. Best Buy is embracing the term and repurposing it by calling its stores “great showrooming floors”. This is the new title of Best Buy’s holiday television ad campaign “ Your Ultimate Holiday Showroom”. Check it out!

48% of Canadians 65+ Are Online!

Article: Seniors Spurring Internet Growth in Canada
Source: Tech News
Canadian seniors have discovered a new digital lifestyle causing an increase in Internet users. According to Statistics Canada, 83% of Canadians aged 16 or older were Internet users last year. What is even more interesting to note is that the number of Canadian seniors using the web grew by 20% in the two-year span resulting in 48% of Canadians 65 or older saying they were online. Mark Uhrbach, spokesman for Statistics Canada says, “Once people start using the Internet they’re not likely to stop using it as they age. So as young users and boomer-aged users move through the age cohorts perhaps we’ll see that trend continue.”

The Future of Retail

Article: Here’s What the Store of the Future Will Look Like (Hint: Not Amazon)
Source: Forbes
Retail consultancy WD Partners published a report detailing how traditional brick and mortar stores can appeal to modern shoppers by updating their traditional retail models rather than chasing Amazon online. Amazon sells more online than its competitors making $62 billion in sales worldwide in 2013. “The key to finding the edge isn’t copying what Amazon does, it’s doing what Amazon can’t” says WD Partners’ Lee Peterson. The report was a compilation of results from 1700 consumers surveyed revealing that Amazon can’t compete with the convenience of “getting in my car and go get it now”. So how will retail look like in the future? Check out the article to find out.

24% Increase in Online Spending in Canada

Article: Canadians spent $18.9B Online in 2012, StatsCan Says
Source: CBC News Business
How much did you spend in online purchases last year in 2012? Well Statistics Canada says Canadians spent $18.9 billion on online goods and services in 2012. This is a 24% increase since the last Statistics Canada survey in 2010. 56% of Canadians said they purchased goods and services last year compared to 51% in 2010 with average spending of $1,450 and approximately an average of 13 transactions. What were the most popular online purchases? 58% of Canadians went online to pay for hotels, airline tickets and car rentals, while 52% of Canadians bought event tickets. For more info on how Demac Media’s Canadian online merchants fared, check out our Q3 report: Canadian eCommerce Benchmark Report.

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