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This Week in eCommerce
October 21 – 25

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Every week we put together a Weekly Wrap Up that highlights some of the top stories happening in the eCommerce industry around the world. This week, Google announced that Google Checkout will be closing down, eBay expands its Same-Day delivery service, eBay Now and results show that stores are becoming important to the online shoppers. Find out why in this week’s WeeklyWrapUp!

Google Checkout Closing Down

Article: Retiring Google Checkout Announcement
Source: Google

Big announcement from Google this week, as of November 20th 2013, Google Checkout will no longer be supported. Online merchants currently using this platform must transition to using another payment solution in order to avoid disruption of business. Retiring Google Checkout is one way the company is able to focus their best efforts on other areas of the payments space. Click on the link above for important dates and deadlines.

eBay Expands Same-Day Delivery Service

Article:eBay Now Acquires Chief Rival as It Expands Same-Day Delivery Service
Source: Mashable

eBay has acquired one of the company’s largest competitors, UK-based startup called Shutl. eBay is aggressively expanding its same-day delivery service and the acquisition will allow eBay Now to reach 25 geographic markets by the end of 2014. Currently eBay Now is available in New York and San Francisco. Later this year, London, Chicago and Dallas and London will be added.

Online Shoppers Prefer to Return Items to Stores

Article: Many Online Shoppers Prefer to Return Items to Stores
Source: Internet Retailer

In February, consulting firm A.T. Kearney conducted an online survey of U.S and U.K consumers about their shopping habits. Results show that 83% of U.S and U.K. consumers say they value physical stores over the web for returning items, regardless of whether they bought them in a store or online or via mobile device. Additionally, 40% of respondents say they spend more than intended, in stores. “Stores are important to consumers, but it is critical that retailers with brick-and-mortar assets understand the new role the store network plays in optimizing sales, profits and loyalty across all channels”– Michael Brown A.T.Kearney partner.

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