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This Week in eCommerce
October 17 – 21

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Google Lining Up Ducks for Online Music Shop


There has been a lot of talk around Google launching its own online music store. There is a market here because of the success Apple and Amazon have had with their music platforms. Since the music industry transformed into what it is now, Google just becomes another player in an already competitive market place. Hands down the largest organic search engine, how well do you think Google will do as a player in the music industry?

Amazon Surges Into Book Publishers’ Territory


With success of the Kindle edition book format, Amazon goes back to its roots and is now looking to push their book publishing services. A venture Amazon has been considering for years now, what’s next for the book publishing industry? What kind of impact will Amazon have on the big players in the industry?

‘Mobile to lead e-commerce growth’


In other news, IT Market Research firm Gartner gave a mobile presentation at an ITxpo symposium to discuss how mobile will lead growth in eCommerce. In my opinion, mobile is not a phenomenon waiting to happen, we are already there. Smartphones such as the iphone 4S, Androids and BlackBerry (despite their resent challenges) are slowly over taking the number of PC owners (according to Gartner’s research). How will mobile technology affect the North American market place and customer behavior?

Web 2.0 Presentation About The State Of The Web – Mary Meeker


Mary Meeker discusses the current state of the web. Mary covers current trends, mobile, advertising and other hot topics in the eCommerce world today. Flip through her slide show presentation which was presented on Tuesday, October 18, 2011 at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco CA.

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