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This Week in eCommerce
October 14 – 18

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Every week we put together a Weekly Wrap Up that highlights some of the top stories happening in the eCommerce industry around the world. This week our wrap up includes articles on the Canadian Resale Retail industry, eCommerce Giants from China, the debate on whether retailers should always offer Free Shipping, and how to best optimize prices on your online store.

Read below for our recap, and to find the links to the full articles:

Boomerang Kids, Changing the Resale Retail Game with eCommerce

Article: How Boomerang Kids Leveraged eCommerce to Grow Its Business in Canada
Source: TechVibes

Long gone are the days where the resale industry isn’t a hotspot for technology innovation. Enter: Boomerang Kids (also a client of Demac Media!). Boomerang Kids could no longer ignore the opportunities currently being offered in the online retail market today. With online retail sales expected to hit the 10% (via Forrester Research) mark in 2015, it was time for Boomerang Kids to maximize their potential and develop an eCommerce site that would change the way their customers shopped and interacted with their Brick and Mortar locations.

Chinese eCommerce Giant, Alibaba, Acquires key Amazon Rival in the US

Article: World’s Largest eCommerce company, Alibaba, leads $206M investment in Amazon Competitor ShopRunner
Source: VentureBeat

The Chinese eCommerce company Alibaba, became the largest online retailer in the world last year. Recently the eCommerce giant invested $206 million in ShopRunner, a competitor to ShopRunner provides free two-day shipping, free returns and no minimum order size for a $79 fee. Many notable brands such as American Eagle, Domino’s, NBA, and GNC rely on ShopRunner to run their eCommerce operations. Although Amazon is still the be-all-end-all of eCommerce titans in the US, the acquisition of ShopRunner has put Amazon on high alert.

Shipping: What to offer, and to whom, online?

Article: Free Shipping: An eCommerce Headache or Opportunity?
Source: Multichannel Merchant

It’s a well known fact that retailers must provide more shipping options for less, but it’s still unclear how that will impact online businesses, or if it’s even feasible. For many, retailers feel forced to swallow the cost of free shipping or same day delivery for the sake of good customer service. However, others offer a minimum order value for free shipping to help alleviate some of the costs. What it all comes down to is the customer, and what they prefer. Is it free shipping? Or fast delivery times? Some customers are willing to wait a week or longer to have products shipped, if it means free shipping. Others don’t mind coughing up the extra $ for fast delivery of their orders. So how can you understand your customers, and what shipping options are available to retailers? Read this fantastic article on Multichannel Merchant.

The Best Price Optimizing Strategies for your Online Store

Article: Best Practices for Optimizing eCommerce Prices
Source: Chicago Tribune

How can retailers best optimize their prices online? First you must look at the demand for a single product, as well as consider and understand customer segmentation. Based on these two factors there are two basic tactics for pricing optimization: differential pricing and versioning (a tactic to make little changes to a product to attract customers). For a full breakdown of each price optimization strategy as well as ideas for implementing each one, check out the full article in the link above.

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