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This Week in eCommerce
Nov 7 – Nov 11

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The continuation of our weekly eCommerce industry news continues with some holiday eCommerce tips and tricks. Here is another list of articles and blogs about the ongoing growth of eCommerce. Enjoy!

5 Reasons Why Your Ecommerce Site Matters More Than Ever


Get Elastic is highly regarded as one of the best eCommerce blogs on the web. In this post, the team at Get Elastic pin points 5 reasons why your site matters more during the holiday season. With the steady growth of eCommerce over the last few quarters, this years holiday seasons forecast is expected to continue the growth trend.

What increased eCommerce spending means for 2011 holidays


For the 8th consecutive quarter, eCommerce spending has increased from last years overall numbers. Digital Content & Subscriptions, Event Tickets, Jewelry and Consumer Electronics categories have showed the most significant increase from last year.

U.S e-commerce sales grow


The U.S is currently ahead of the Canadian eCommerce market and continues to grow. Over the past 3 months (1 quarter), the U.S has increased 13% from last year totaling $36.3 billion in revenue. How far behind is the Canadian eCommerce market in comparison to the U.S?

Google+ Launches Pages for Business


Google’s most recent addition to the Google+ feature is their launch of Google+ pages for business. Google’s Practical Ecommerce page is dedicated to updating Google+ users on new features, tips and introducing new Business pages. How will Google+ compare to Facebook Likes in building that B2B and B2C relationships on the web?

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