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This Week in eCommerce
November 25 – 29

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It’s BlackFriday! If you’re taking a break from online shopping or while your in-store and lined up waiting to cash in on some of the great deals this weekend, check out our WeeklyWrapUp! This week, BitCoin continues to make headlines as it hits a remarkable trading value over US$1000. Shopify announces that its online merchants can now receive payment via Bitcoin. How does shopping on Thanksgiving Day help retail and online merchants? Plus 5 retail tricks consumers can avoid during Black Friday. Checkout the summaries below!

The Benefits of Shopping on Thanksgiving Day

Article: Double Duty: Retailers Bid for Thanksgiving Sales In-Stores and online
Source: Internet Retailer

Retailers are on edge as December 25th quickly approaches. Black Friday marks the grand opening of the holiday shopping season. This year, shoppers have only four weeks to buy all the items on their holiday shopping list. In order to drive sales, more retailers opened their doors on U.S. Thanksgiving Day, with the expectation that shoppers will want to get a head start on their holiday-shopping list. Stores such as Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target, Macy’s, Office Depot, Belk and JoS A Bank Clothiers will open their stores on Thanksgiving. VP of Marketing and Insights for comScore Inc. says the cultural shift of shopping on Thanksgiving will benefit both eCommerce and store sales.

Bitcoin Surges to Record $1030 This Week

Article: Bitcoin hits US$1000
Source: Financial Post

Bitcoin reached a record high surpassing US$1000 on the Mt. Gox exchange. Speculation around the virtual currency has spurred demand and increased its value. Bitcoins exists as software and are not regulated by any country or banking authority; however, the recent closure of an illicit website gained attention from the U.S. Senate. Lawmakers, law enforcement and securities agencies recognize that the digital currency has the potential to be a legitimate means of exchange.

Shopify Merchants Can Now Acept Bitcoin

Article: Shopify Merchants Can Now Accept Bitcoin
Source: Shopify
This week, Shopify announced that all of its75,000+ online merchants can start accepting Bitcoin.

  • Customers from around the world can check out with digital currency.
  • The currency works just like cash.
  • Transactions cannot be reversed by the buyer (unlike credit cards or PayPal).
  • You can choose to receive your payments in Bitcoins (paid into your Bitcoin wallet) or paid in your local currency directly into your bank account every business day.
  • Transactions are secure and meet the highest standards for eCommerce security.
  • Grocery Shop On-The-Go with Peapod!

    Article: Is The end in Sight for the Supermarket Aisle?
    Source: eCommerce Times

    A new marketing push to remind consumers of how easy it can be to shop for groceries online, shows that virtual shopping is more efficient for consumers, manufacturers and marketers. has long been at the forefront of online grocery sales. The company’s virtual supermarkets are located at over 100 rail stations throughout the U.S. Peapod’s campaigns encourages customers to download the mobile app in order to start shopping on-the-go.

    5 Tips for Black Friday Shoppers

    Article: 5 Black Friday Tricks to Avoid
    Source: CNN Money

    Black Friday is known as the best day of the year to find deals; however, buyer beware don’t get caught up in the frenzy of Black Friday. Here are 5 tricks you can avoid:

  • Watch out for inferior products: Make sure your buying the right model. Just because it looks like the big screen TV you want doesn’t mean it’s the same model.
  • Read the fine print: Some Black Friday sales ads include fine print that says the full discount requires a mail-in rebate.
  • Limited supplies: Many stores carry a limited quantity of their best deals so keep your eyes peeled for “doorbuster” deals.
  • Misleading “original” prices: Some retailers may try to make you think your’e getting a greater discount than you actually are.
  • Bait and switch: Miss out on the doorbuster deal? Retailers are hoping that you’ll buy a similar nearby product, which are usually more expensive.
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