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This Week in eCommerce
November 21 – 25

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It has begun! Black Friday has come and Christmas is only one month away. While Black Friday is deemed the busiest shopping day of the year, Cyber Monday is around the corner and the weeks leading up to Christmas do not slow down right up until those last minute Christmas Eve shoppers. This week in eCommerce features some interesting statistics about the holiday season.

50+ Stats About Cyber Monday 2011


Black Friday gets the attention of shoppers who plan to parade through malls and shopping outlets. Cyber Monday has become a household name for shoppers who start their holiday spending the Monday after Thanksgiving. This Get Elastic article goes over some interesting statistics about one of the busiest online shopping days of the year.

Sales Forecasting Facts and Fantasies


E-Commerce News has slowly become one of my favourite business article websites. This article was originally published in late September but re-published as part of the web sites Best Of series. The article discusses the facts and fantasies about Sales Forecasting and where CRM systems fail in helping companies with their forecasting efforts.

Infographic on the Future of Online Holiday Shopping


This infograph was developed by BlueKai tracking systems based on last years holiday sales and trends.

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