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This Week in eCommerce
November 14 – 18

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How Apple’s Siri Could Destroy Local SEO


Don’t let the headline of this article fool you. Local SEO is a massive practice in eCommerce and this article is not meant to attack Search Engine Marketers (other wise I would not be doing my job very well). In fact this article is shares great advice for adapting to emerging technology in the world of SEO.

4 Last-Minute Ecommerce Tweaks for Black Friday


As American Thanksgiving rapidly approaches, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not to far off. As e-tailers scramble to get their online stores prepped for the busiest time of year, the Multi-Channel Ecommerce blogs goes over a few tips for last minute preparation.

Google Sets Up Another Stage in a Crowded Web Music Fest


Google has launched it’s online music store which is on a very similar platform to Apple’s I-tunes format. Entering a competitive market, Google’s store is built to run on a cloud network to share through different social networks and Google+ to differentiate from the competition.

One Size Does Not Fit All in a Digital World


A follow up post to the Get Elastic webinar hosted last week by Forrestor Research on how content and service providers need to adapt to digital disruption. This post contains questions that came up during the webinar that were answered by senior analyst Peter Sheldon.

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